(Doom64: The Absolution, for the PC)

Basic set-up:

  • Download and install "doom64_abstin.exe" (about 20Mb) from Doom Depot.
  • Double click the icon and specify the location of the installation. The default is C:\Absolution.
  • Find your Doom2 folder and copy the "doom2.wad" into the "Bin" folder created by Absolution. The older version of Doom64TC worked with Ultimate Doom also, and this is probably still true. In this case, it will be the "doom.wad" you will need to copy and paste into Absolution's Bin folder.
  • Make sure you have Direct X 9 or better. Absolution will not run without it. You can get this from Microsoft.
  • Download one of the "d64mus" wads from Doom Depot and install it in the "Absolution/Bin/Data/doom64/Auto" folder. * This is not required, but highly recommended as it replaces all the sounds of the game as well as the eerie and haunting soundtrack that really sets the mood. It is unlike any Doom music you have heard before.

  • The Outcast Levels:

    For all fans of the forever-awesome Doom64TC, The Outcast Levels for Absolution are available at last. If you don't know about this already, go immediately to Doom Depot to read all the details and download this important update! (7.5Mb)

    This add-on for Doom64TC includes seven new maps created by Kaiser. There are even more new enemies and items, but it also updates the older version with new features, making it the latest Absolution version available.

    The Outcast Levels download also features the Redemption Denied levels: Eight new maps by Steve Searle and Agent Spork are in a separate folder. To play these maps, please follow the link below to "Custom Maps for Absolution" for instructions.

    Maps and walkthroughs:

    Doom64TC, like most games, is intended to be fun. It presents an alternate reality to escape into, challenging the mind and reflexes to conquer it. In my opinion, knowing where everything is and what to expect takes away most of the fun of the game. However, getting stuck somewhere, or in some situation that you just can't find your way out of is very frustrating, and discouraging. It is at these times that walkthroughs and maps are helpful, and the intention behind making these.

    All of the levels in Doom64TC are listed below. Many of these are identical in layout to the original Nintendo Doom 64 levels, but there are many differences.
    There are only walkthroughs for levels 01-35 and 38, since 36 and 37 do not require any. Each walkthrough includes a map for that level. Most of these are written for the average "Bring it on!" skill level. You may find more or less enemies depending on what skill level you play at.

    If you need more help than this guide, CyRaptor has made some Doom64 gameplay videos to watch here.

    01 - Staging Area
    02 - The Terraformer
    03 - Main Engineering
    04 - Holding Area
    05 - Tech Center
    06 - Alpha Quadrant
    07 - Nukage Facility *
    08 - Research Lab
    09 - Outpost Omega
    10 - Final Outpost
    11 - Even Simpler
    12 - The Bleeding
    13 - Terror Core
    14 - Dark Citadel
    15 - Altar of Pain
    16 - Eye of the Storm
    17 - Dark Entries
    18 - Blood Keep
    19 - Watch Your Step
    20 - Spawned Fear
    21 - The Spiral
    22 - Breakdown
    23 - Pitfalls
    24 - Burnt Offerings
    25 - Unholy Temple
    26 - No Escape
    27 - Forbidden Deeper *
    28 - Shadows Watching *
    29 - The Lair
    30 - The Absolution
    31 - In the Void
    32 - Cat and Mouse
    33 - Playground
    34 - Crisis *
    35 - Hardcore
    36 - Doom Museum *
    37 - Death Labs *
    38 - Hectic
    39 - Intro (no longer used)

    The Outcast Levels:

    40 - Destroy *
    41 - Stepwalk *
    42 - Portal *
    43 - Darkened *
    44 - Traps *
    45 - Nebula *
    46 - Radiant *

    NOTES about the maps:

  • New levels that were added by the Doom Depot team, and/or Kaiser are marked with "*". These were never a part of the original Nintendo version, but you would never know from the excellent design.
  • All of the maps here were drawn from screenshots. Most have been altered and are not the same as the game's auto-map. (Some unnecessary ceiling and floor lines removed for clarity.)
  • Many of the secret areas are not visible on the auto-map even when you find them. They appear on these maps because I have drawn them in.
  • Each is less than 20kb in gif format and is easiest to view at 800x600 or lower screen resolution.

  • Absolution console

    Jumping in Absolution

    Super Secrets

    Custom Maps for Absolution

    End Notes:

    Many special thanks to Ledmeister for hosting this guide, and to Kaiser for all the help in writing it.

    Also thanks to Veli for finding many of the secrets I could not, and Acidglow for his useful "Hectic" tips.

    All images and texts by J.S.Graham, who is entirely responsible for the content.

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