Level 04
Holding Area:

Doom 64 TC level 04: Holding Area

You arrive at this level in a small chamber with a switch in front of you. Behind you is a hidden cage with a berserk pack in it. The cage makes a good place to snipe at the zombies in high cages to both sides. At the bottom of the lift are several specters and imps. Behind the column in front of the lift is a high chamber with a zombie and security armor.

Making noise will draw the attention of more zombies and bull-demons that will come from down the hallway. Follow the maze through until you find a switch in a room. Activating this switch summons specters and zombies, and also opens up more of the maze. Another room with another switch opens the rest of the level.

The door you find to the east opens into a large room with lost-souls waiting. Upstairs are zombies and a new monster, the hell-knight. A hidden panel switch opens two secret chambers and releases a couple of lost-souls. The room at the end of this upper hallway near the blue key door is guarded by more zombies and contains a teleport that will be important later.

Blue Key:
The other way that opens to the west has a pair of staircases going up. At the top is another hell-knight and some imps. If you run up and back down one stairway then up and down the other, and do this several times while dodging fireballs, you can get the hell-knight to destroy all the imps for you.

Around the other side of the central structure is a lift down into the trench around this room. About the time you get around there, the walls of the structure fall and imps begin to fire at you. If you want to get to the secret chaingun between the stairs, fire at the post switch in the middle of this room and run to it. Collecting it will summon a hell-knight that would not appear otherwise.

Down in the trench are several more lost-souls. The blue key is sitting on the ground to the south. Opening the blue key door will unleash some more hell-knights guarding the exit switch, but there is an important secret to find before you leave.

The four switches along this hallway open the secret area. Follow the sequence on the map to activate all four of them. If you don't do it in the proper order you will not get a second chance, unless you saved the game first. The four switches will cause the four columns in the room to form a pathway across. The teleport takes you to one end of the room where there is a rocket launcher. Run across the tops of the columns to reach the other side. A hell-knight guards the room, where you will also find a mega-sphere and a new weapon, the BFG9000.

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