Level 30
The Absolution:

Doom 64 TC level 30: The Absolution

This is it at last, the final level of Doom64 and the showdown with the terrible motherdemon herself. This fight can actually be a real breeze, or it can be virtually impossible to win. The room you start in has every weapon in the game and lots of ammo for them. The only things that are not here are the special keys. How many of the three special keys you have collected will now determine how easy this final battle will be to win, or if it is even possible to win.

Grab all you need from the start room picking up the invulnerability last. This room will be locked up once you enter the main arena. Monsters begin teleporting to the three square platform areas soon after you enter. Each of the special keys works on one of the colored panels behind the teleport platforms. These each open a door in the outside wall with a switch inside. Activating these switches causes the teleport areas to rise up into a large column, thus closing the teleport.

Strategy for this battle is simple. Grab the invulnerability sphere and head into the main room. Close all the teleports that you have keys for and blast away at spawning monsters with the rocket launcher before your invulnerability wears off. Concentrate on the pain elementals. They usually arrive among the first.

When almost all the enemies are dead, the central platform will drop and the motherdemon will appear. Circle strafe with the alien laser until it is finished. The central platform has combat armor and a soul-sphere if you need them. Killing the motherdemon completes the game.

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