Jumping in Doom64TC:

This page used to be a single paragraph, as a note at the end of the walkthrough for level 32: "Hectic". I have since made it a topic of its own, since some things appear to have changed in the latest version of Absolution.

Neither the original N64 version of Doom, nor this PC version of Doom64 were designed with jumping in mind. In many places you can mess yourself up if you aren't careful. Though many of the maps appear to have floors over floors, they are not true 3d. Be especially careful in areas that have paths above and below that cross, or you may find yourself trapped.

In the older JDoom version of Doom64TC, there were very few places where the jump ability was useful, other than cheating. In this newest Absolution, there are now several places where it seems impossible to proceed WITHOUT the ability to jump.

For those of you that are finding Absolution impossible to play, scroll down for a strategy to get jumping enabled.
I accept no responsibility for permanent damage to your self-respect and conscience should you choose to read further.

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The only way to enable jumping in Doom64: Absolution is to beat map38, "Hectic". As explained on the console page, there is no way to cheat "Hectic", you have to play through it. While there is no way to cheat map38 itself, you can use cheats to put yourself in the best possible position to beat it.

The Disgraceful Eight-fold Path to Shame:

  • Step One: Play through map01, "Staging Area" following the desribed method for accessing the secret level, "Cat and Mouse". Do not collect the blue armor or soul-sphere until you are ready to exit the level.
  • Step Two: As soon as you warp into map32, run like hell to the right, to the safety of the rocket launcher area before the cyberdemon can hit you.
  • Step Three: Once there, bring down the console and type: "kill" then enter. This will kill every enemy on the map, including the cyberdemon. At this point, you should still have 200% health and armor, which is very important to be able to survive "Hectic".
  • Step Four: Use the console again, typing in "give w" and "give a" to give yourself full weapons and ammo.
  • Step Five: Go to the exit and warp to "Hectic". Once there, save your game before proceeding. Now you are fully prepared to beat this secret level.
  • Step Six: Go after the red key first. This is where you will take the most damage. Use whatever weapon you feel will work best to destroy the three arachnotrons and avoid being crushed by the ceiling.
  • Step Seven: Go after the blue key next. Run out across the columns and collect the berserk pack. It won't do you any good except to bring you back to 100% health if you had less. Switch to the BFG, then run quickly to collect the blue key and then back to the doorway. Two or three blasts of the BFG should take down the hell knights before they can damage you too much.
  • Step Eight: With your remaining health and armor, do your best to avoid the darts and collect the yellow key. If you survive, you can now exit the map with cheats enabled. You'll start over at the beginning of "Staging Area" again, so if you are almost dead, be sure to collect that berserk pack behind the start before continuing.

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