Custom Maps for Absolution:

The Outcast Levels, by Kaiser, are finally available at Doom Depot This is a "must have" add-on. Redemption Denied, by Steve Searle, and The Metacenter, by Agent Spork, are also included with the Outcast Levels download. The d64denied.wad is in a separate folder however, and must be loaded into Absolution as described below.

DooM 64: The Reckoning, by Steve Searle. Nine new levels from the creator of 'Redemption Denied'. The Outcast levels add-on is required to play these maps. Download The Reckoning (1.74MB)

Temple Ruins, by Henri Lehto, is a large and nicely detailed single player map (map24). Very surprised by this one. A lot of effort has been put into it, making it well worth playing many times. Download it here (264KB)

Waste Processing, by Maverick, is a single level (map01) for Absolution. Full of hellacious traps, but very well made in the dark and gloomy Doom64 style. Download it here (226KB)

Mining Front is the latest map by Maverick. Download it here (491KB)
This is a huge level that definately requires the "maxzone192" option. To do this, go to the opengl.bat file in the absolution/bin folder and right-click. After that, go to edit and change it to read like:
Absolution.exe -gl drOpenGL.dll -maxzone192
Save the file and close it, then when you want to play, double click the opengl.bat icon instead of Absolution.exe to start the game.

Playing a custom map in Absolution:

Simply load the new map into the folder: "C:\Absolution\Bin\Data\doom64\Auto"

Start a newgame and use the console to warp to the proper level.

*Important note:
Absolution will automatically load any custom map in this folder and substitute the original when the game is started.
To play the normal levels again, the custom maps must be removed.

Nuxius has suggested a much more convenient way to play custom maps:

  • Create a new folder called maps: Bin\Data\doom64\maps
  • Start Absolution then bring down the console and type: "load maps/mapname.wad" before starting a new game.

    Using this method, you don't need to swap them in and out of the auto folder.

    *The only bad thing about this method is that you will not be able to reload a saved game from the custom map unless the map wad is actually in the auto folder.

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