Level 22

Doom 64 TC level 22: Breakdown

Blue Key:
Right behind you at the start position is the blue keyed door. The blue key itself is in the middle of this room, but inaccessible for the moment. Zombies patrol the lower level, and imps surround you from above. Once they are down, find the two faces near the top of the inside middle columns and shoot at them. Both are required to lower the central column which holds the blue key. Doing this will summon a pair of cacodemons to contend with.

Red key:
To the right after going through the blue keyed door, there is a zombie or two and red bars that you cannot open yet. There is also a hidden soul-sphere in a secret chamber at the end of the hallway, but you will have to fight a baron of hell that is guarding it.

Proceed to the left and jump down into the pit with your double barrel ready, (or whatever weapon you prefer to deal with two hell-knights and a nightmare imp who will be after you. When they are down, stairs will rise at the sides and a switch will appear in the middle.Just killing them has opened the way to continue and also sealed up the start room forever.

The switch lowers a portion of wall for a short time, allowing you to run up the stairs and collect some combat armor if you need it (2). Collecting the armor also opens another hidden room with a backpack and some rockets at 3.

Up the new stairway that appears will be a few zombies along a twisted hallway. At the end is a switch that opens another new area. This new hallway has a pattern moving along the walls that is sort of like arrows pointing the direction to go. There are a couple of spectres here and the yellow keyed door that you can't get through yet. Go to the other door that opens into room 4.

To the N and S of the entrance are two hell-knights in cages. Down in the middle of the room is the red key just sitting there harmlessly in an empty room. There are no switches to raise it up, and by now you just know something bad is going to happen when you jump down to get it, but you need that key so make the leap.

The floor rises when you grab the red key, but the three walls open and unleash a hoarde of bull-demons upon you. Head quickly into one of the rooms to the side and start cutting them up with the chainsaw. You should be able to avoid much damage, and there are a whole lot of health potions around if you do get chewed on any.

Yellow key:
Now go back to the red bars at 5 and activate the switch there. This lowers a new stairway behind you. The hallway at the top is guarded by a hell-knight. Take him out and head into the maze-like area beyond. Throughout this area there are zombies and imps on patrol. There is a baron and a hell-knight in separate cages, and also a couple of loose hell-knights.

There are five switches in this area as follows:
6 opens the bars, allowing access to areas 9, 10, 11, and the yellow key.
7 simply lowers the block it is on, allowing you to get to an area full of energy cells.
8 lowers the platform with the plasma rifle on top of it - for a very short time.
9 opens a secret area near 11 where you can pick up a BFG9000.
10 (inside the baron's cage,) opens the hallway at 11 to get to the yellow key.

Once the path at 11 is open, head up and around, gunning down a few zombies until you get to the yellow key. As soon as you pick it up, be prepared for a pain-elemental to appear in the corridor below you. Make him fall apart and you are ready to head for the yellow keyed door and exit.

To get the mega-sphere, head back and look around near the last door you came through. There is a false wall to walk through and get to a ledge you can jump on it from.

Through the yellow keyed door is a small pack of nightmare-imps and the exit. Jump down into the hole that looks like it is full of lava and you are out of there.

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