Level 31
In the Void:

Doom 64 TC level 31: In the Void

The first room you arrive at here is home to a small group of specters that will start after you. To the north is a ledge where a baron of hell stands offensively. The lower open area to the west is patrolled by several mancubus' that will start heading your way as soon as they hear your gunfire.

The most dangerous immediate threat is a pain-elemental to the south. Chaingun him through the grated window and try to take him out before he spawns a mess of lost-souls to deal with.

Next, move around toward area 1 and take out the mancubus'. In this area you can see the yellow key on a pedastle, and there are a lot of items you will need here.

Red key:
The door to the south from the start area leads to a narrow walkway (2) with large open areas to the sides. There is another pack of specters to eliminate, as well as another pain-elemental and a couple of nightmare-cacodemons who will float in to see what's happening. Also beware of the baron's of hell on the walkway beyond the red keyed door. They are too far away to effectively be hit, but occasionally one of their fireballs can come dangerously close.

An interesting thing about this level are the teleports that exist on the ends of each of these walkways. Where they lead to is indicated by light blue lines on the map. Not only can these allow you to instantly transport away from dangerous situations, they can also be used as weapons. The enemies cannot go through these teleports, but if they happen to be standing in one when you arrive they will be immediately annihilated. If you head to the end of walkway 2 and look up to the left, you will see another pack of specters waiting for you where you are about to teleport to. If you time it right, by moving back and forth between the two teleports, you can actually eliminate all of these without using any weapon at all.

The walkway at 3 is where the yellow key is used. This is also where you will attract the attention of another pain-elemental. The teleport at the east end will take you inside the enclosed structure at 4.

These four chambers are guarded by several hell-knights and a baron of hell. The red key is here, but picking it up will summon another hell-knight to try and stop you from leaving. When you have the key, go back through the teleport towards the red keyed door.

The walkway will now have another group of specters on duty. As you head towards the west end, look down towards the walkway where you will be teleporting to and notice that a baron of hell is now waiting there for you. If you can get him to step into the teleport there, you can "telefrag" him the same way as you did the specters before.

Blue Key:
Through the red keyed door are several more barons to take down, and another teleport at the east end of the walkway. Step slowly through this teleport and you will find yourself standing directly behind a baron. At the other end of area 6 is another baron and two mancubus'. Move out to the side without getting too close to the baron and the mancubus' will see you and start firing. If you step back behind the baron, the fireballs will hit him instead and he will start away down the hall to fight with them. You can usually get both barons and mancubus fighting this way, leaving only one weak baron to dispose of. With that done, collect the blue key at the far end of the area.

Two more barons will appear back near the teleport, but they are easy targets at this distance. The plank walkway at the south end of area 6 is inaccessible unless you can jump. In the Nintendo version, this was where the special key would eventually end up, but in this game it is un-used. (and there is nothing in there.)

Yellow key:
Now you need to find your way back to the blue keyed switch in room 5. The start area you must pass through is now being occupied by several nightmare-cacodemons. Start pelting them with rockets as soon as you see them, then switch to a different weapon as they close in on you.

The blue keyed switch in room 5 forms a stairway back in the start area so you can get up to the yellow key. Wait for the platform to rise, then run across to claim the key.

There is a secret exit to level 35, "Hardcore," in this level, and also that second special key. To find this exit, lower the posts with the yellow key and proceed as if you were going to exit the level normally. As you approach the end of the walkway, a timed switch will be revealed on the column to the right of where the yellow posts were. (7) Shoot this switch and it will open the exit in the room where the red key was.

To collect the special key, do everything above to reveal the secret exit. Walk up to the exit but do not activate it. You will hear a clanking sound. Go back to room 5 where the special key was and the pedastle has now lowered so you can get it. If you have the jump ability enabled it can be reached anyway.

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