Level 12
The Bleeding:

Doom 64 TC level 12: The Bleeding

There are many items around the start room of this level. The passages to the E and W are blocked. Go through either door to the N or S side of the room. Both have several imps behind them. When you have cleared both side rooms, a pack of bull-demons will teleport into the start room. Arm the chainsaw and open the door while backing away. Usually only 2 or 3 will get in before the door closes and they can be easily cut down.

The way will then be open to the E. Behind the door at 1 are nightmare-imps lying in ambush. A small chamber (3) will open at the far end of the room when you first enter to reveal combat armor. At the top of the area that lowers with the combat area is a switch. Activate this, then step back into the alcove and you can open a secret area containing a rocket launcher.

The switches at the sides of the room each cause a stairway to rise into place at location 2. Before activating them, take out the pairs of hell-knights that lurk at the top. The main room will have locked shut at this point. Go to the switch on the wall at 4. This will open the central courtyard and allow acces to the next door at 5. It will also bring a large crowd of imps, bull-demons, and mancubus' into the yard. By going from one side to the other, without jumping down, you can quite often get fights going between these monsters. If you dodge back and forth between ledges long enough, the mancubus' will be the only ones left without firing a shot.

Yellow key:
The area behind the door at 5 is populated by several lost-souls. The wall switch inside the door removes the bars and allows access to the upper galleries. The sitch at 6 opens the bars guarding the yellow key. The wall at the end of the hall there will open to reveal a pain-elemental and some rockets at 7.

In the corridor to the W, watch out for a group of specters, and some more on the other side of the yellow keyed door. There are a couple more specters at the top of the waterfall. Climb up to the top and follow the passage around to another waterfall (8) behind the grate. As you approach, a couple barons of hell will materialize in the area down below. Rather than fight them from this apparently superior position, get back down and taunt them through the grate. I found that rockets tend to explode at the edge of the waterfall when fired from above, causing more damage to the player than to the barons. If they wander around in the lower area enough, they will step into the teleport and end up at the top of the waterfall. Up there is a much safer place to attack them from.

Once the barons are dead, drop down into their chamber and activate the switch next to the teleport. This allows access to another switch that will appear at 9. The platform with the BFG9000 will also lower. The switch will open the level exit back in the start room and also summon a trio of mancubus' at close range. Strafing them with the rocket launcher works well here, as does a couple shots of the BFG9000.

Though the exit is now open, getting back to it is going to be a task. As soon as you open the door back into the central courtyard, again it will fill with mancubus', imps, and bull-demons. The same trick works just as well this time as it did before. There is also a secret area at 10 that will open up to reveal a large energy cell if you need it. As a bonus, there will also be a soul-sphere waiting at the center of the exit.

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