Level 17
Dark Entries:

Doom 64 TC level 17: Dark Entries

This level is basically made up of only four main areas, mostly connected only by teleports. The orientation of the in game map is sort of confusing in this respct, but I guess it doesn't matter because of the teleports. Activate the face switches in the start room to produce a shotgun and ammo if you aren't already loaded. When the door opens, you will immediately be attacked by a crew of nightmare-imps and lost-souls. Stepping into the room causes gargoyle faces to begin shooting out fireballs. Run around the room outside the columns to avoid them. Take out imps and lost-souls until the room is calm. You will need to go through this room several times before leaving the level, and each time you enter the fireball trap will activate.

Blue Key:
To the right of the start room is the only place you can go for now. Step onto the teleport. As soon as you arrive, look around and proceed quickly to stand in front of the switch at 1. Stay in the center too long and two hidden arachnotrons will cut you down from the dark openings.

Activating the switch will cause 5 more switches to rise, and a soul-sphere to begin moving from column to column on the other side of the room. Press the switch opposite where it stops to lower it and also lower the pedastle holding the blue key. Picking up the blue key causes a swarm of lost-souls to teleport in. Some may end up teleporting back into the start room to wait for you so beware. There is also a secret chamber in this rrom containing a backpack and some ammo. The way out is the same as the way in. Step to the middle to get back to the start room.

Red key:
When the fireballs stop, make your way to the blue bars at 2. Have the chaingun ready when you step on this teleport pad. It will take you to another at 3, which is between two packs of imps. Run through each side gunning them down, being cautious of two arachnotrons in high cages at points 4. Head to the left after the area is cleared, and to the door there.

Through the doorway, there is a drop off that puts you between two imps. At the end of the short hallway is a large open area with a building in the middle. This area is patrolled by several barons, hell-knights, and arachnotrons on the ground. Four more arachnotrons watch from cages at points 5 on the map. Another similar group guards a set of platforms at the far end and will be firing at you as well.

At 8 is a raised lookout that offers some cover and a rocket launcher, but this is a bad place to stay as you will get trapped. Get out into the main area and run around, taking out the bad guys with rockets and trying to avoid their fire. If you make too much noise or run around the front of the building, some lost-souls inside may come out looking for you, so be careful with that rocket launcher.

Once the ground area is clear, Run back and forth, around and in front of the building. The barons and spiders at 6 will eventually be about half the force as they accidentally hit each other and start fighting amongst themselves. Take out the ones remaining and then activate the switch on the highest platform. This will lower the column at 9 with a teleport back to the room that had all the imps in it.

The two switches on the ground level are only used to get the soul-sphere and combat armor in the building. Shooting the switches lowers the double platforms around these power-ups temporarily. Stand at point 7 inside, then shoot right then left to lower the platforms in the proper order.

Red key:
Back in the imp room, the posts at the top of the stairs have now lowered so you can access the red key at 10. As soon as you head toward it though, a massive dart trap will begin firing along the entire length of the passage there. There is no way to avoid damage unless you luck out and time your running just right, but there is a berserk pack at the end if you get hurt too much.

Picking up the red key will summon a few more barons and arachnotrons. They won't try to cross the dart trap, so this is a safe place for now. Dodge from side to side and get the barons and spiders fighting each other again. Either the barons or the arachnotrons will eventually wipe the other out. Give whatever is left a blast or two from the BFG900 since there are lots of energy cells here to pick up, then run back through the trap again.

The teleport will take you back to the main room and the fireball trap again, but there will also be arachnotrons and lost-souls waiting there now. The red key opens the door to the exit when it is safe to pass through.

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