Level 35

Doom 64 TC level 35: Hardcore

This level is nothing but a place to test your combat skills. From the start position, a horde of mancubus' will start firing at you. As you unload rockets at them, some will teleport to your right to flank your position. It is best to go side to side, firing at them down both of the east-west halls.

All is quiet when they are finished. Now you have time to check the layout of the level. Nothing will happen until you jump down and collect the mega-sphere from the ledge, along with some other goodies if you need them. Grabbing the mega-sphere will summon a huge group of arachnotrons. The best strategy here is to use the big shotgun and fight from just below where the mega-sphere was, around the corner to the southwest where there is a pile of shells. Keep popping around the corners and tagging them from both sides, being careful they don't sneak up on you.

When all the spiders are squashed, a cyberdemon will be released just north of the start position. Try to get him down in front of the raised area where the shotgun and shells were. If he falls for it, he won't be able to do anything more than stand there firing at the wall, while you simply keep hitting him in the face with rockets until he is only a memory.

The worst part about this level (in my opinion,) is that there is no exit. Once the cyberdemon dies the level just ends and you can't even go around and gather whatever weapons or armor might have been left over. You just find yourself almost dead usually, and suddenly starting level 16.

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