Level 13
Terror Core:

Doom 64 TC level 13: Terror Core

The map for this level can be very confusing because of all the over and under areas. For this reason also, be extremely careful if you happen to be using the jump ability. If you jump off some of the upper walkways, you will find the lower passages have been blocked by the game engine and you will have to restart the level.

Blue Key:
The room which you start in contains a secret door and a chamber that holds a berserk pack. In the area just beyond the doorway are several bull-demons and the blue keyed door. Some imps wander around this area also, and a few zombies further inward. In the NW section you will find two switches. One causes the blue key to appear near the blue door, the other switch operates a timer that lowers a secret area for a few seconds at 1.

Yellow key:
A single hell-knight is waiting just inside the blue door. Head upstairs to the corridor to the west. Through the door are a few specters, a walkway to the N, and two other passages W that are presently inaccessible. To the N/NE is a room guarded by several nightmare-imps. Kill them and activate the switch there. This creates a stairway up to area 2.

Initially, there will only be two hell-knights on high platforms in this area. Kill them before activating the switch at 3. Some specters, lost-souls and imps will teleport in as soon as the switch is pressed. When they are dead, the bars will withdraw, allowing you to get to the lift at 4.

The first room at the top of the lift has a hell-knight waiting. The only other door you can open will open another doorway at the opposite end of the walkway, with another hell-knight. It will also summon two mancubus' to the tops of pillars near the yellow key. These are best fought from the lower courtyard by going back down on the lift.

After taking down the mancubus', head back up and activate the switch at 5. This will open the door at the other end of the walkway where there is a teleport that will take you to the yellow key. Directly E in front of the yellow key is a switch high on the wall. This will open a secret area at 6 and allow you to collect the soul-sphere.

Red key:
The hallway through the yellow key door is guarded by cacodemons and imps, and leads right to where the red key is. Collecting the key will summon a pack of lost-souls. More lost-souls will be waiting along the walkways back toward the red keyed door.

Another secret area is accessed by walking the hall in the vicinity of point 7. An empty room to the N will open up for a short time. Run along the ledge above the stairway from the W end to get to it in time. From there, you can run/jump across the hall to another ledge along the S wall. Follow this down to a small hallway that leads to the combat armor. Crossing another invisible line on the way back will open the chamber at point 8 which contains a rocket launcher.

Two barons of hell stand guard behind the red keyed door. A few zombies patrol around the exit switch that is reached through a teleporter.

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