Level 43

Doom 64 TC level 43: Darkened

The start room of this map is empty except for a shotgun in the middle of the floor. Picking it up opens the door out, and also rooms to the left and right with ammo in them. You must jump off a ledge to continue, but there is nothing down below yet, and the ledge is really a lift so you can return if you need to. There are several more doors in here that cannot be opened yet. Up the short stairs to the left or right are a few hungry bull demons. Feed them some lead to clear the second room.

A big set of doors waits to be opened. Opening this door will bring in a swarm of lost souls. Lots of imps begin sending fireballs your way from the front and sides. Just ignore them and get rid of the screaming skulls. Entering this outdoor room will open doors ahead releasing cacodemons. It also opens all those sealed doors in the area behind you, releasing hell knights and bull demons.

The best strategy here is just to avoid the fire from the cacodemons. Running circles around this room will get most of the cacos fighting with the imps. Go back and try to bring the hell knights up to join the party, or just waste them and the demons. The rooms they were hiding in have more ammo and a rocket launcher to collect. Finish off whatever is still standing or floating around, then find the wall switch in the right side room where the cacodemons came from.

Blue Key:
This switch opens more little rooms. This time there is a pain elemental in each. Take them down as quick as possible to prevent them from spawning too many lost souls. When they explode, a few acid demons will arrive, and the doors to the left will open. Down the stairs you will meet some more imps, cacodemons, and hellknights. The blue key is also here, but presently inaccessible. More imps lurk in the alcoves left and right.

Head to the left first, up a semi-circular stairway, gunning down more imps until the corridor is empty. It seems like a dead end. Find a wall switch near the top of the stairs on the left. When you activate it, look across to the corridor on the other side of the open area. Another hidden wall switch is revealed for a few seconds. Shooting it will lower a lift at the end of the corridor you are in. In the room above are lost souls and another wall switch.

The wall switch there opens the area further to the north (west on my map.) Shoot the caged specters there, then activate the wall switch in this room. This switch opens the cage holding the blue key. Cacodemons and lost souls will teleport in as soon as that happens.

Yellow key:
Opening the blue door unleashes a hell knight guarding a switch. This switch lowers another lift up at the end of the north corridor. Nightmare imps will be waiting for you there. The switch there opens the wall, allowing access back to the central area and opening more sealed rooms there. Now you'll meet another new enemy. The Nightcrawler is a grenade launching arachnotron. Head down the stairs again and let them fight with the pack of nightmare imps that has also materialised in this area.

The only secret area in this map is also accessible now. Behind that central cage where imps were is a backpack, a berserk pack, and a chainsaw to collect. Press down the wall, back towards the blue key door to open the secret room.

The stairs that have just opened up lead to an alien laser and a fake exit switch. The switch opens the door behind, where hell knights and a bull demon wait. A corridor to the right has some hell potions and the radar map for you. Open the door and take out some imps, then retreat and save your game here.

The next area introduces another new enemy: The Stalker! These look sort of like lost souls, but they teleport around and fire homing missles like a Doom2 revenant! If you are lucky, you can get them fighting with the cacodemons and nightmare imps that are in the caged area with them, but don't count on that happening.

When you make it to the end of the hallway, another room will open up on the right with zombie soldiers in it. Through the door and down the stairs are more zombies and imps. There is a mega-sphere sitting nearby if you have gotten too badly beat up. Collect it only if the berserk and other health kits won't bring you back up to 100%. The yellow key is here also. Picking it up will bring a pain elemental teleporting in.

Red key:
The yellow key door opens to a room with no more than a baron of hell and the red key. The second special laser key is nearby also, so be sure to grab that. The door to the east has a cache of ammo guarded by a couple more stalkers.

The red key opens the final area of this map which is heavily guarded by a team of barons. Back away as quickly as possible after they appear, sending rockets down at them and opening the door again to let more out. There must be at least six or eight of them in there! After that battle, the map should be clear. Through the door to the north is the real un-marked exit switch.

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