Level 20
Spawned Fear:

Doom 64 TC level 20: Spawned Fear

Blue Key:
Start by taking out the imps in the cage to the right before heading out into the first open area. Some lost-souls will probably also attack as soon as they see you. When you step through the door, a few cacodemons and zombies will come from the left. There are also some more imps in cages down the stairway and to the left. Since this is a central area that you will have to pass through several times, it is a good idea to clear it out now. Have the chaingun ready and strafe along the wall at 1. This wall is an illusion and there are some zombies behind it that will shoot at you if you don't take them out first. There are also some health potions and a soul-sphere back there, but you probably won't need them yet.

Proceed down the stairs opposite the entrance door and through the door to the right. Behind this door and the next are some more zombies. The third door has imps behind it. The door to the north leads to a room full of zombies and beyond that is the room (2) where the blue key is with a baron of hell guarding it. The bars in front of it prevent you from getting it yet though, so head over to the door at 3.

Open the door and take out the lost-souls waiting there, then activate the switch. This opens the room beyond and releases another baron. When he is down, go to the switch at 4 to lower the bars in front of the blue key. The key is still up on a pedastle and you can't reach it unless you can jump. Shoot at the face on the wall at 5 to lower the pedastle.

Red key:
On the way out, a hell-knight will have appeared in the room just before you get to the stairs. Take him down and proceed over the ledge at 6 to find the blue keyed door. Down in this corridor are some lost-souls and imps to get out of the way. Behind the blue keyed door is a dark room with nightmare imps. As you head around the cage barricades, darts will start firing from the faces on the west wall. Once they stop firing, the door will open to room 7.

This room is VERY dark, so the first thing to do is find the light switch near the opposite corner. This raises another switch and locks the door behind you. Activating the new switch will raise the central circular area where there are two pain-elementals. When they are dead, several hell-knights will continue the battle. After that, two doors will open. One of these doors leads to a hallway where the red key is, guarded by some barons of hell.

The only way out now is up the stairs near the ledge. The wall switch opens the doors, but there will now be some hell-knights in the courtyard area. Send them howling away and head back down the stairs toward where the blue key was.

Yellow key:
Behind the red keyed door is a nasty ambush waiting. Five hell-knights attack at close range. Once they are all disposed of, find the hidden doorway to the next area behind a bookcase at point 8.

There are imps and zombies wandering around here, and several things to do. First, find the low wall overlooking 9 and gun down the pain-elemental there. Proceed next to the switch at 10. This opens a hidden area guarded by lost-souls where there is some ammo, health, radiation protection, and a glimpse of the yellow key.

Now look for a wall switch near point 11. There are actually four lowering platforms and five switches to be activated to get to the yellow key. The first three are in this area. Each switch lowers one of the platforms and brings in some lost-souls to deal with. Ride each platform up and activate the switches at the top. When you are on the third platform, THREE pain-elementals will teleport in! The BFG9000 is about the only solution to this situation.

The switch there opens a passage at point 12, with some stairs up to the last switch. Beware also that some cacodemons have also arrived and are patrolling the area now. Activating the final switch here lowers another platform so you can get over the wall into the toxic area below. Grab the radiation protection and hurry back to go find the last key.

Once down in the slime, stay to the left, gunning down imps and lost-souls. Find the stairway up and run across the gap, then the second gap to land on the yellow key. You should be able to make it back to the lift up to 9 before your protection wears off. If you miss the jump or run out of protection, there is another one at point 14.

When you get back out there will be a pack of hell-knights and barons of hell waiting for you to open the door. Don't open it yet though. Shoot at them across the low wall where you can use this little room for cover. Eventually, they should all step in front of this where you can take them out without going toe to toe with them.

Other important things here before you head back to the yellow keyed door are the switch at 13 and a secret area. The switch lowers a column behind you where a baron of hell guards a soul-sphere. There is also the secret area with lots of ammo and a mega-sphere you can access just by searching the walls near 12.

The room behind the yellow keyed door will appear empty until you get to the bottom of the stairs. Several imps and a pair of barons will then teleport in. Behind the exit door lurks one final pain-elemental to prevent you from leaving. You have a choice then to take the normal exit or the secret exit to level 33, "Playground."

The secret exit appears in the room next to the yellow door. Go through the yellow door and around to the stairs up to the left. As you start up the stairs towards the regular exit, you will hear the door open. If you can run back quickly enough through the yellow door and around to the left, you can get to it before it closes.

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