Level 32
Cat and Mouse:

Doom 64 TC level 32: Cat and Mouse

This level is probably the toughest battle you will face in the game. You start out face to face with the dreaded cyberdemon. Immediately head down the hallway to the right, around the corner and into a small room to the left. If you made it without getting hit, this is an excellent place to save your game. It is also a fairly safe place to retreat to during the battle to come. This room contains a rocket launcher and several boxes of rockets. Grab them all, then switch to the shotgun.

The cyberdemon is constantly on the move throughout this level and there are several teleport points where he vanishes and reappears. These are not random, but programmed according to where you are on the map. There are also eight cages at locations all through the level. These have irritating imps in them and should be taken care of first before engaging the cyberdemon. If you run through and keep moving you can eliminate all the imps without the cyberdemon tagging you with a rocket or two. There are more boxes of rockets around the central room, and also down a hallway to the southwest. You will likely need all you can get to bring down the cyberdemon. Make quick trips out to gather rockets and kill all the imps, then return to the safe room to catch your breath.

The battle with the cyberdemon is difficult but not impossible. The sound is extremely agitating, but necessary to hear where he is. The best strategy to fight him is to know his weakness. His rocket launcher is on his left arm, so he is at a disadvantage around left hand corners. If you catch him coming around one of these corners and you are close to the wall, he will turn and start firing but his rockets will hit the wall on his left rather than coming down the hall to hit you. Because he is not very smart, he will stand there firing and missing while you pelt him with rockets of your own. It will take 30 or 40 rockets to turn the cyberdemon into goo. How many depends on how clean you hit him. If you run out of rockets before he falls, give up and start over!

There are a few extra rockets and some health potions in the hidden area behind false walls near the exit. It is best to leave these alone, and the berserk pack in the central room, until the cyberdemon is dead and you are preparing to exit the level. The hidden hallway is a favorite patrol route for the cyberdemon anyway, and you will likely end up blasted to bits before you even see him if you go in there.

It is very important to conserve your health as much as possible even if you must restart. It is unlikely you will survive the next level without well over 100% health when you exit this one. The exit opens only after the cyberdemon dies, and takes you to level 38, "Hectic"

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