Level 29
The Lair:

Doom 64 TC level 29: The Lair

This level starts out the same as the Nintendo version, but a whole new area has been added to it.

There are imps and lost-souls as you open the doors from the start room. Collecting the blue key (1) will summon a pack of those irritating spectral cacodemons. Just past the blue door is a hidden panel (2) that will form stairs down. Switch 3 opens the doors to area 6 and allows hellknights, bull-demons and specters to enter. Switch 4 raises a teleport (5) and a group of nightmare imps appears surrounding you. The teleport takes you up to the platform with the soul-sphere on it.

In the next room is a column with a special key on top. Around the upper part of the area are arachnotrons, nightmare-demons, and imps. Activating the switch at 6 will raise the stairs to access this upper area.

When you step into area 7, you will hear a noise. A small timed switch appears high up on the wall at 8. Shoot this switch and turn immediately to the left 90 degrees. Another switch appears at 9. Shooting this one will cause the column to lower for a time, allowing you to jump down and collect the special key. The normal wall switch in 9 opens the hallway 10. A hellknight guards this area. The normal wall switch in 7 makes a rocket launcher appear on the short pedastle on the upper level. Picking it up will summon more nightmare imps and arachnotrons.

Stepping through the opening to the stairs from 9 will open an area containing a Plasma Rifle. Doing the same through the opening near 7 will allow access to two hidden areas at 10. Pressing 'use' at the alcove 17 will open a secret path to the blue armor.

Red key:
Down the spiral stairway is a cavern area full of nightmare-demons and lost-souls. Further down into the caverns is a red key to collect. (12). The wall switch at 11 opens a room with a teleport at 13. This is the new part of the level. The teleport takes you to 14, where you face a hellknight in a tight circular corridor. You will then come to a room where you can see a yellow key. There are two red key doors at the top of the stairs to either side. Barons of hell are waiting behind both.

Yellow key:
Now for the fun part. As you start down the main passage from 15, you will attract the attention of another baron. Resist the natural reaction to back away. Instead, head into the first chamber to the left. The baron will teleport back and forth between points 15 and 16, always ending up behind you to attack if you stay in the main corridor. As you turn to back away again, he will teleport again and attack from behind. Avoid this frustration and just wait in the side chamber. Rocket him until he teleports away, then wait for him to appear again. Repeat this process for the other barons further down the passage. Finally the pedastle will lower and you can collect the yellow key. I have yet to find any yellow door or switch anywhere in the level, but the exit switch does not appear until you collect it.

(Again the jump ability comes in handy, as you don't have to fight the barons for the yellow key.)

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