Level 06
Alpha Quadrant:

Doom 64 TC level 06: Alpha Quadrant

As soon as you open the door to the chamber you arrive in, a hell-knight and imp will begin firing at you from ledges across the room. There are two more ledges with imps to the left and right beside you. They will shoot you in the back as you step out if you aren't careful. There are stairways down to the north and south with a cacodemon waiting at the bottom of both. Head north first after clearing the area.

Crossing a hidden line at the corner causes a small side passage to open next to the lift up. It has a little ammo and provides an alternative angle at the top. The hallway is patrolled by several zombies. After you get most of the way around, more zombies will teleport in behind you. The switch at the end opens the door to the central area here.

Yellow key:
There is a switch on the wall of this room. Activating it will bring two hell-knights to the platforms on the sides. Dispense of them and the yellow key appears. A doorway also opens up that takes you down to the hidden area next to the lift you came up.

Moving part way into the room where the yellow key was will open another timed door to the west, but don't go there yet. Instead, head to the other hallway south from the circular hall. Down there are several hell-knights, imps, and a new monster, the baron of hell. He is just a tougher version of the hell-knight. In the area past where he was are a couple imps and a room full of zombies. There are rockets all over down here if you need them, but picking up the rocket launcher sitting there will summon a baron to fight at close range, so don't touch it if you don't have to. In the zombie room is a cage with a mega-sphere in it. To get this, go back to the hidden door through the circular hall above.

Blue Key:
There will be a few lost-souls hanging around in the start room when you come back. The yellow key door is under where the hell-knight was. Behind it is another new monster, a nightmare-demon that is hoping to catch you face to face without the chainsaw ready. Activate the switch to remove an obstacle you need to pass in the area above you.

Continue down the stairway to the south and ride the lift up. An imp and another hell-knight are probably waiting for you. Across the room on the opposite ledge, some more imps have arrived to eat some lead. The next part requires some speed to accomplish. The switch on the wall will raise a walkway across the room temporarily. Activate it and run across to the switch there. Activate this one and run back and to the right to another switch. Activate this last one and run straight across to where the imps were coming from. It might take a few tries to be able to do this in time.

In this room, clear out the imps and specters on the elevated areas, then activate the switch in the west alcove. This opens the door to the north. Get back up to the south platform and ready the rocket launcher. The strange room to the north has a baron of hell in it, and yet another new monster that is even more dangerous, the pain elemental. When it looks clear, head across to the entrance.

Be sure to save the game here. This room is a huge black pit with three platforms leading across to the other side. If you should happen to fall down into it, be prepared to have a large pack of spectres attack you in the darkness. When you make it across to the other side, have the chaingun ready and open up on the pain elemental that is there. The switch here opens the door to the blue key. Activate it and run back to the nearest platform.

From there, turn left toward the east side. The object is to jump across and into the northernmost room there. If you do, it accesses two secret areas. Activate the switch and run carefully along the narrow ledge to a passage that opens for a short time next to the entrance. More specters are in here if you make it. There is also a soul-sphere and a switch which opens the cage containing the combat armor in the platform room to the south. If you can't make it, don't worry. There is still that mega-sphere if you didn't grab it already.

The teleports on either side will take you back to the entrance of the room. Get the blue key and head back down to the blue door. All that is preventing your exit now is a hell-knight, a baron, and a single imp near the exit switch.

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