Level 39
The Introduction:

Doom 64 TC level 39: The Introduction

This map was the "Intro" demo that was once part of the original version of Absolution. Due to playback and compatibility problems it is no longer used, but is still included in the game wad.

The intro scene is basically a swarm of very tough enemies fighting a group of space marines. There is no health, ammo, weapons, or armor. There is also no exit. Nonetheless, hardcore Doom64 players may want to give it a try.

Joyel has discovered an easy way to access it, and suggests a strategy for playing through:

When you load Absolution, open the console immediately, then type in setmap 1 ##. What this does is it makes whatever existing level you want be level 1. When you want to play map 39, type in "setmap 1 39". It will replace level 1 with 39. Also this could be done with any level, so it is very useful for getting to the custom maps beyond 35.

The only strategy for this map is:

  • Dont waste any ammo killing anything.
  • Let the marines do all the dirty work on the monsters.
  • Meanwhile, try to RUN AROUND expertly, doing your best to avoid the marines' gunfire. In fact, it is unpredictable of when their bullets will hit you, so simply hope for the best.
  • Once all the monsters are dead, the marines will beat each other up (this may include you), so keep running around still.
  • A reminder: each marine has more health than all the types of monsters combined added with the monsters of map 39. So be patient.
  • The marines on top of each letter (in "Doom") are running around near fire pits. Try to use a bullet or two to push them in there. Really helpful since you may not kill all marines.
  • It took me 4 hours, but I lasted the WHOLE level without dying with just the pistol start. No cheats used and in the end, I was the survivor. BUT IT TAKES PRACTICE!!!
    Anyway, I find this level different from any other level of Doom, in fact not just in level design. I think this level is not suited for Doom in terms of gameplay. Map 39 is more of a survival map, or how long you can survive running around. Survival of the fittest and always avoid long gunfire fights/battles. It is not the gameplay style of the other Doom maps where you mostly kill them demons.

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