Level 45

Doom 64 TC level 45: Nebula

This final map begins quietly enough. The main room you start in is full of every type of weapon and ammo possible. Pick up whatever you need before doing anything else. To the north is a room with a special key if you don't already have it. To the south and east are hallways leading down to the yellow key bars. The yellow key is also nearby on a pedastle with a switch.

Yellow key:
Activating the switch will make the yellow key vanish. It reappears in an alcove to the west of the central area. When you pick it up, a pack of hell knights, bull demons, and a couple of barons will arrive. Since this room is so large, and with lots of cover, it's fairly easy to just run around at first, avoiding the enemies. Eventually they will all get bunched together pursuing you. I managed to get all the bull demons killed by their fireball throwing masters this way. It also gets the big boys into tighter groups, making your rockets and shotgun blasts more effective. When they all fall, head for the yellow bars.

Red key:
The beautiful outdoor courtyard to the SE is also ominously quiet as you enter. Familiarise yourself with the layout of this area before dropping down into the middle. When you do, equip the rocket launcher and run to a position on either side of the stairs. Four mancubi will teleport into the center. Two more will be on higher ledges to the sides. Start firing rockets as fast as you can at the fat boys nearest to you, then move out to get the others on the ground and one of the ones that is up higher.

Nearby each of these two higher ledges is a lift that is blocked. When the last mancubus falls, the bars will open and hell knights will teleport in. Take out the final mancubus, then switch to the chaingun and head for the lift. Ride it up and gun down the nightmare imps that appear on the upper walkway at the same time. With the imps out of the way, you will now be in a much safer position to take on the hell knights.

A nightcrawler will also appear at the top of the stairs, but he is no threat at all from this distance. Waste the hell knights, then launch a few more rockets at the nightcrawler to clear the area.

Head up the stairs and around the back of the central column there. Doors will open and several ghost hell knights will come out after you. I'm not sure if these guys are really hell knights or something else new. They are almost invisible!

When you think it's safe, prepare to enter the teleport pad that is now accessible. Arm yourself with your favorite weapon for fighting an arachnotron face to face in a narrow hallway, because that's exactly where you will be as soon as you step onto that teleport! To your immediate right is a secret area containing an invulnerabiliy artifact. Save that for later, then head down this new hallway to the central area again.

On the opposite side from where you teleported in is another new hallway. The red key is on the ground at the end. Picking it up will again fill the central area with more bull demons, hell knights, and barons of hell. Get out of that hallway as quickly and safely as possible, then take this group out the same way as before.

Through the red key door is the large circular room where the final battle is about to take place. Open the door to have a look, but don't enter yet. The door will close behind you and will not open again until the battle is over. This is also a good time to save your game.

Grab that invulnerability artifact, then run back through the red key door and head immediately for the megasphere and what looks like another special key. Doors will open then, releasing both a cyberdemon and motherdemon! Use your invincibility to get them fighting with each other. The motherdemon will waste the cyberdemon at about the same time as your invulnerability wears off. She will be a lot weaker though, and a few blasts of the BFG should take her out as you run to avoid her massive assault.

A solitary nightcrawler will be the last defender of this realm. Behind him is a secret area with a few health potions. The exit is now open also. Step up and learn of your fate as the Outcast.

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