Level 28
Shadows Watching:

Doom 64 TC level 28: Shadows Watching

This is a great new level all around. It is full of surprise encounters with monsters at close range, so be sure to save often.

It starts off simple enough. Picking up the shotgun in the start room will summon some zombies to surround you. This is just a taste of things to come. Through the door is a ledge overlooking a large open area. There are some zombies below, a baron of hell on a platform to the left, and some imps firing at you from a balcony.

In the two chambers (1) are bull-demons and switches. Activating these will lower a platform with a chaingun (2) and lower the posts allowing you access to room 4. There is also security armor at 3 if you need it.

Yellow key:
Room 4 has zombies roaming about. The upper level has imps firing from cages. Activating the switch will summon a pack of cacodemons. The door just to the right of the entrance leads to a chamber with imps and lost-souls. You can take them out now, or wait a few minutes and get them safely when they are trapped behind bars.

Up the stairs are several imps. There are 2 health packs to the right, but picking them up will open the door 5 and put you face to face with an arachnotron. The first secret area is here also. A hidden door in the arachnotrons room opens to reveal a backpack.(*)

To the left is the balcony which ends in a cave area with imps below. Down through the cave is another balcony overlooking the second large open area. Take out the enemies on the distant alcoves and proceed around the corner. Facing the blue bars, go through the door towards room 6.

There is a switch in room 6 that opens the hallways leading from the room below. One goes to another yellow door, the other to the room with the yellow key on a pedastle. Take out the lost-soul in the cave to the right, and the nightmare-demons in the yellow key room.

To access the plasma rifle, activate the bookcase at location 6a on the map. A switch behind it will open another bookcase at b. This switch will open another at c with a final switch that will momentarily lower the alcove with the plasma rifle in it. (* special thanks to Veli for finding all of the secret areas in this level.)

Location 7 is a switch that will lower the pedastle with the yellow key. On the way back out, you activate a trap that drops you into a hole in the floor, and summon another arachnotron. When the floor rises, quickly move into one of the rooms as a dart trap begins firing. With the yellow key, head back to the other hallway and the yellow door

Blue Key:
Behind the door is a narrow corridor occupied by bull-demons and hellknights. The other yellow door leads back to room 4. The central platform is surrounded by lava. Approaching the door at the end will raise bars and trap you in another close encounter with some hellknights. There is a rising part of the platform at the gap you had to jump over if you fall in the lava.

Through the door is another peaceful looking room (10) with a soul-sphere in it. Picking this up will cause a column to crash down in the center, and several barons of hell to teleport in. Arachnotrons and bull-demons will arrive when the barons are finished. After the battle, another door out of area 9 will open.

This new passage will take you back around to the cages overlooking room 4. There is a hidden teleport at 11 that will take you to room 12.

Several hellknights are waiting to attack you when you arrive. Using the super-shotgun, they can be taken out by blasting them and backing into the teleport before their fireballs can reach you. It may be sort of a cheap way to do it, but it works to avoid damage. When the room is clear you can collect the blue key from an alcove.

Red key:
Now you have two choices for using the blue key. Across the first open area is a set of bars at 14 that leads to the second open area 17. Or, you can go back through room 4 and around the second balcony to go through the blue bars there at 13.

Through 13 is a dark hallway full of imps. As you come around to a ledge overlooking 17, you can see the red key at the top of a column, but you can't get to it. A hidden panel opens at 15 and nightmare-demons come after you.

The hallway beyond 15 leads to room 16. There is a switch on the wall. All of these teleports lead to the ledge at 18. From the main area 17 are stairs up to the opposite side of room 16. Entering this way will cause a central platform to rise, and summon several hellknights and a baron of hell. The platform allows access to the red key door, and a switch in the opposite alcove. The switch will lower the column holding the red key.

Back in the main area 17, you can now get the red key. Picking it up will summon a pack of arachnotrons. This area is full of small obstacles that makes strafing them difficult. Grab the invulnerability artifact before grabbing the key and you should have plenty of time to dispose of them safely before it wears off.

Behind the red door are nightmare-demons and zombies, then you are free to exit the level.

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