Level 08
Research Lab:

Doom 64 TC level 08: Research Lab

The start room has only one door out of it, so proceed west into room 1. The yellow key door is to the north. There is an open room (2) to the east guarded by zombies. The only place to go is to the south.

Blue Key:
This room (3) has some lost-souls that will appear, along with a nightmare-demon. The blue key is also here, but inaccessible for now. The door to the west leads to a room (40 with jail cells in it. A hell-knight and three imps are held captive here. A secret door to the left of the regular door takes you to a passage behind the south cells. Blue keyed bars block the north exit of the room. The only choice is to keep going west.

The next area is where the blue key door is, and is made up of narrow hallways and rooms full of enemies. There are zombies and hell-knights wandering around and in the rooms. Room 5 has a switch in it that raises a walkway to get to the blue key. Room 6 has a shotgun, a hell-knight, and a ledge you can get up on to find a secret chamber containing the computer area map. There is also a backpack in the hall at the very southwest corner of this area.

The chamber containing combat armor near the blue door is opened by a switch at 7. If you are fast enough you can get there before the bar returns to seal it off again.

Yellow key:
When you acquire the blue key, an alcove opens to reveal a soul-sphere. The blue keyed bars in room 4 open the cage with a plasma rifle in it. A hell-knight will also be there guarding it and an imp will appear in the cage when you pick it up. Back in room 4, a specter will be waiting. Immediately through the blue key door, a cage will open with a zombie in it. Down in the room (8) is another caged area full of imps and a hell-knight, and another set of bars blocking a door. You may notice a small switch on the wall in this room, but it doesn't do anything I am aware of.

Continuing north, there is a lift up to room 9. Between this lift and the other one at the eastern side of room 9, there is a hidden area with ammo and a berserk pack. Press the wall when the lift is down to open it. There are two red keyed switches in this room (9) and a teleport pad. If you take the other lift down, you can see the exit, another barred door, and the yellow key door. None of these are accessible yet, so go back to the teleport. This will take you to a switch (10) back in room 3. The switch opens the bars in room 8, allowing you to get to the yellow key.

Red key:
With the yellow key, you can now open either the door in room 1 or 11. Both go to the same place. Room 12 has a hell- knight and some zombies patrolling, and either way in opens a side cage with another zombie. There are two stairways down that you should explore first. These both lead down to the same water filled hallways. The bars will open here. Zombies roam in both directions. The switch at 14 to the west is guarded by a hell-knight. This opens the bars blocking the passage to 15 to the south. Another hell-knight stands watch over the switch there. Activating this switch opens a blocked switch in room 13, and also an area full of lost-souls and supplies (16) that you pass on the way out.

Up the stairs, room 13 appears empty until you get into it. Two hell-knights will then appear as the door out shuts and locks you in. A quick dance around them with the super shotgun will clear the way to activate the switch in an alcove up the small stairway. This opens the bars in room 11, allowing you into the cage to get the red key. Go back up the lift to room 9 and unlock either of the red keyed switches there. These both raise a walkway to get to the exit. A hell-knight will be released to protest when you do this, and another will be waiting behind the exit door.

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