Level 21
The Spiral:

Doom 64 TC level 21: The Spiral

There really isn't much to this level at all, but the enemies can still present quite a bit of opposition at times. It is basically just one large round room. A long staircase runs around it from the start position to a single switch at the top. On the ground floor are several mancubus creatures waiting. Along the stairway are more mancubus', hell- knights, and a few imps. The enemies on the far side of the room will start firing at you as soon as they see you look out.

Many of the beasts will start fighting among themselves without much provocation. The most important thing is to keep moving the same direction or you will find yourself being pelted by fireballs from all sides. Take out those to the immediate left of the start doorway, at the base of the stairs. These are the only enemies really capable of pursuing you back to the cover of the entrance so they are the greatest threat to begin with.

Next, clear the main floor of the slow moving mancubus' and start up the stairway. There is not much other cover, so if you get in a bind just drop down to the ground and run back to the start room for a breather. Remember, you can't get hurt by jumping in this game, no matter how far down it is. There are rockets all over the place, so use them whenever possible, even on the imps.

A surprise force will teleport in as soon as you reach the top step where the switch is, before you even activate it. The worst of these new enemies is a pain-elemental that materializes on the opposite side of the central column. Jump down and chaingun him before he can release very many lost-souls to deal with, then worry about the cacodemons that have arrived with him.

Activating the switch will open a door along the stairway. Inside is an imp guarding a teleport pad, and the red keyed door. Annihilate the imp and step onto the teleport. The high room you arrive in has a soul-sphere in it, but avoid picking it up for now. Instead, go quickly to the other teleport pad. This will put you in the middle of the central column. Grab the red key and get down to the main floor as fast as possible.

Three more pain-elementals will have arrived, along with some more imps. Find them and take them out before they fill the room with lost-souls. This can be done with just the rocket launcher if you are careful, and can switch back to another weapon when the skulls get too close. After that is finished, dispatch the baron of hell waiting behind the red keyed door, pick up whatever items you may need and exit the level.

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