Level 03
Main Engineering:

Doom 64 TC level 03: Main Engineering

This level also starts with another stupid zombie who is looking away from where you arrive. There is also a new weapon laying nearby, the double barreled shotgun. Activating the switch will lower the walls and allow nightmare-imps to come at you from both sides. These are a bit nastier than normal imps and harder to see. You can snipe at them through gaps in the wall before activating the switch if you like to play it safe.

Blue Key:
The only door you can open leads into the central room of this level. A large device of some sort starts moving as soon as you enter far enough. When it is finished working, imps and nightmare-imps appear all over. Ready the shotgun and head up either of the passages adjacent to the entryway. There are two secret areas behind false walls along these stairways. Leave the items in them for now. Collect the blue key after terminating all the imps and get back to the blue door.

Yellow key:
Behind the blue key door are some more imps waiting. A new monster, the cacodemon is also here with some of his brothers. There are doors that open to reveal switches on both sides of the central structure in this room. Both activate teleports That take you to the upper catwalk. There is also a secret room that opens when you activate a hidden panel switch on the opposite wall.

On the catwalk is another switch on a post. Activating the switch will bring in a bunch more cacodemons, and the third new enemy for this level, the lost-soul. The super shotgun works well for this fight if you can dodge the fireballs. Two good blasts up close will drop a cacodemon. The chaingun will work almost as well, but not as quickly. When the fight ends, a walkway rises to allow you access to the yellow key.

Red key:
Now it is back to the room where you found the blue key. The yellow key door is here, but the imps are all back in full force also. Open the yellow door and take down the imps waiting behind it. Another switch on a post in another apparently empty room. Activate the switch and step forward just a bit. After a second or two, a crowd of imps and lost-souls will materialize and begin attacking. Since there are so many of them, there is a good chance they will start fighting each other if you give them a couple seconds to see you. Leave the room and go back down the stairway to the left first. Grab the invisibility artifact, then the invulnerability from the secret chambers. Get back through the yellow door and clean up whatever is still alive in there.

In the middle of the room is a lower area with two switches. One opens a room opposite the way you came in that has some boxes of rockets and health kits. Entering this room will lower a post in the corner near the red door. If you run quickly, you can get on top of the post and ride it up to access another secret area full of ammo. The other switch causes the red key to appear in the same place as the blue key was. A backpack has also appeared now back at the start position.

Through the red key door are more nightmare-imps and the exit. Don't miss the combat armor in a secret chamber near the exit. It opens by another hidden panel switch on the oppposite wall.

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