Level 02
The Terraformer:

Doom 64 TC level 02: The Terraformer

You begin this level with a zombie in front of you. There are more to the left and right. For some reason, the imp to the left can fire at you, but you cannot hit him back. Just avoid his fire and don't waste any ammo on him yet.

Blue Key:
The door opens into a black hallway. Stay to the left wall and you will come to a surprise lift down into a room with several barrels down the middle. At the end of the room is a chaingun - your next new weapon. Picking it up will open the sides of the room releasing bull-demons at you. It is best to use the same ammo conserving tactic as before, backing into the corner with the chainsaw roaring as they come at you.

When you take the lift back up, stay to the left still until you come to a dimly lit room with a large round/octagonal structure in the middle. Activating the switch will lower the structure and turn on some of the lights. Don't collect the combat armor there yet though. The switch also opens a door to the south with some zombies waiting by the blue key door. The noise your weapon makes may also cause some imps and more zombies to come from the blue key room. This is at the southwest corner of the map, which is where you need to go next.

The blue key room has a few zombies in it, and the blue key on a pedastle. Activating the switch lowers the pedastle, but the key vanishes and the computer area map appears. Grab this and the backpack, then wait for the key to stop moving. Four chambers will then open revealing switches. Only the switch marked "a" will lower the pedastle with the key on it. The other three switches are traps that crush you. Activate the switch and run to get the key. Be prepared for some imps to teleport in when you do.

Red key:
Through the blue door is the way to the red key. This u shaped hallway is full of more imps. Just run across the gaps in the floor to cross them, but you need to jump down there anyway. I prefer to kill all the imps first and jump down the second gap. They both go to the same place.

To the south from the teleport you find on this lower level are six blocks on the ceiling that are crushers. They won't start moving until you get close to them, so be careful. As each one rises, run to the different looking spots on the floor. These are safe places to wait for the next crusher to move up before running to the next one. At the end of the hall is the red key. Collecting it will summon more imps that will appear on the other side of the fence. Blast them and make your way back through the crusher hall to the teleport.

Yellow key:
The open area to the east of the blue door and combat armor is where the red key door is. Down a short set of stairs are some more zombies if you didn't kill them already. The room behind the red door appears empty at first, except for a switch on the opposite wall. As you enter the room several imps will appear. When they are down, activate the switch. Doing this starts "the terraformer" All you can do is watch it through the bars until it finishes pounding and forming a way into the next area.

Grab the light amplification goggles if you want them, then hop down to the newly exposed hallway. Waste the imps and zombies in cages, then activate the switch at the end. This opens a passage with a stairway back up.

Behind the door at the top are several zombies and some imps firing from an elevated room. The passage to the east leads to twin circular starways guarded by more imps. The maze-like room at the top has a squad of zombies wandering around. The yellow key is here on a pedastle. Find the switch on the opposite side of the room from it and a teleport appears. The teleport takes you to the elevated room with the imps that you saw before. The switch in that room lowers the yellow key. Collecting the key also opens a secret room full of rockets.

The way out is the door that was locked before. Behind it will be several specters waiting, so have the saw ready again. To the left the hall goes back to the blue area, past a room with some imps and more rockets. To the right is a hidden panel switch that lowers a secret cache of ammo. Continuing to the end, you can now get to the soul-sphere opposite the red door. You can collect it now along with the combat armor, or leave it and go kill the imps that guard the exit behind the yellow key door first.

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