Level 33

Doom 64 TC level 33: Playground

This level is is just one huge fight from beginning to end. A map is mostly useless since it is just a square room with columns that provide very limited cover, but I made one anyway.

As soon as you arrive, a team of eight arachnotrons has you surrounded and begins firing at you from the tops of high columns. There is no cover at all until you create some. Find a close column and take out the spider or three that can still hit you there, then you can step out and launch some rockets at the rest.

After that, the columns and outer walls of the area fall and you are surrounded by a group of mancubus'. The best hope is to keep moving in only one direction while firing rockets into the crowd. The only cover you have now is four tiny columns that appear near the center of the area.

The next, and fortunately last enemy to arrive is the dreaded cyberdemon again. This fight is actually much easier than the one in "Cat and Mouse", but it is still tough. There are plenty of rockets around this time, and you have a lot more room to dodge his incoming. Keep moving around him in a circle while keeping your crosshairs on him. Eventually he will fall and the level ends.

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