Level 19
Watch Your Step:

Doom 64 TC level 19: Watch Your Step

At first, this entire level appears to be nearly empty, except for almost every possible weapon laying around. The name of the level says a lot however, as the more you progress, the more dangerous it becomes.

Blue Key:
There is only one key needed to leave the level, but dozens of enemies will stand between you and that exit. Head up the stairs away from the start area after collecting anything you can use. At the end of the hallway is a room with small lava channels around the perimeter.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, stop and take a look at the floor. Each of the different looking tiles on the floor will spawn enemies when you walk across them. There are 12 of these altogether and each will summon only one monster, so take one at a time and you shouldn't have too much difficulty. There will be about five hell-knights, two bull-demons, two cacodemons, a nightmare-cacodemon, and another pain elemental that come in.

The first thing you should do is get out the chaingun and go to the blue bars just to the right. Take out the pain- elemental that is there so he doesn't cause any problems in the future. You can walk around this whole area and see where the blue key is if you are careful not to walk across any of the strange tiles.

Picking up the key will summon a swarm of monsters at once. This party will have several hell-knights, cacodemons, bull-demons, and two more pain-elementals. Unfortunately, this battle cannot be avoided.

The teleports and secrets:
Once you get through the blue bars, activate the switch and ride one of the lifts up to where a team of imps now waits. The teleport at 1 will take you to another at 2. Some zombies will materialize in the hallway below. At the same time, a wall switch will appear briefly as you step away from the teleporter (3). There is another of these timed wall switches visible from the other side. Shoot both of these switches to open the chambers behind the teleport pads revealing more switches (4). You have to activate these switches by going through the teleports again and backing up when you arrive. Going through this process will open the two secret areas at 5. All of the ledges containing health and armor are also reached by moving around using these three teleports, so be sure to pick up all that you need. Grabbing the combat armor or berserk pack will summon an imp to attack, so have your shotgun ready. You MUST pick up the combat armor to start the final battle.

The fight to leave:
When you head back down the hall of stairs you will find an invulnerability artifact and the path to the mega-sphere. Leave these for now though. Back at the start area, enemies will begin teleporting in when you arrive. First will be some zombies, then bull-demons, then imps, then some hell-knights. As each wave falls another comes in. Arachnotrons and mancubus' are next. Sometimes you can go back to the blue key area and get them fighting each other by taunting them through the bars of the exit area. They will not persue you through the hallway, so it is a good place to snipe at them with rockets.

After the Arachnotrons and mancubus' perish, there will be a pause before a cyberdemon arrives. Go back and get the invulnerability sphere and send him to oblivion. The bars will then open and you can exit the level.

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