Level 27
Forbidden Deeper:

Doom 64 TC level 27: Forbidden Deeper

This is another of the new levels. (and a real nightmare - even on wussy skill level!)

Yellow key:
Start with this one since it is easiest. Head to door 1 on the left from the start position. Inside the long hallway are hellknights and bull-demons. Clear them out and make your way to the large room at the end.

Behind the structure in the middle are arachnotrons at positions 2. After you start fighting them, mancubus' teleport in behind you.

The key is in the middle of the structure (3). As soon as you grab it, the room floods with lava and barons of hell teleport in. You can get out of the lava by going to the end of one of the halls, but you can't get out of the structure until the barons are dead.

This area also has the combat armor once you have the blue key (4).

Red key:
Arachnotrons and hellknights guard the hallway behind door 5, and you can get them fighting each other. Pain elementals and lost-souls will attack from the open area to the right (6).

There are rockets and energy cells up the stairs, behind the enclosure containing the key. The switch (7) opens the bars to allow access to the key.

Collecting the key summons a swarm of bull-demons that will come from down the hall. The enclosure provides a good place to stand with the chainsaw and cut them down as they try to get to you. After that, a large pack of hellknights will appear, along with cacodemons to attack you on the way back to the start area. Wait for them in a safe place because they are almost impossible to see at a distance against the red sky.

With the red key, you can open the first set of bars toward the exit. Take out as many of the hellknights as you can with the shotgun.

Blue Key:
The hallway behind door 8 has several mancubus' guarding it. After they have been destroyed, RUN down the hallway as fast as possible. There are dart traps (9) firing all the way to the room at the end.

There is an arachnotron perched opposite the entrance at 10. The key is on a pedastle, but you can't reach it yet. Feel free to explore the layout of this area. Nothing will happen until you pick up the soul-sphere the arachnotron was guarding (11), then all hell breaks loose.

A few seconds after you grab the sphere, wave after wave of mancubus' and bull-demons will begin teleporting in to all areas of the room. I don't know how many come before they stop, but once they are all dead, some stairs will rise and you can get the blue key. The BFG9000 is the only weapon for this part. (unless you have a powered up alien laser.)

Get off the pedastle as soon as you grab the key. More arachnotrons teleport in to surround you. After that, hellknights spawn in the towers around the area, and bull-demons on the ground. The rocket launcher works pretty well for this.

Once they are all dead, the four columns around the central pedastle will begin launching fireballs for a short time. Just keep running in circles and you can avoid most of them. The bars blocking the exit will finally retract, and you are free to leave at last.

(If you have the jump ability, stay away from the soul-sphere and jump up to get the blue key. You can at least avoid the mancubus assault this way. Chances are that you will not leave this map with more than 100 health anyway, so why bother?)

The Exit:
The "L" shaped hallway through the three key-colored gates is guarded by a few hellknights. There is a single switch in the room at the end. It looks like the exit, but it is another trap. Make sure your health is at 100, but don't bother to pick up the combat armor yet. Activating the switch will summon a swarm of nightmare-cacodemons from all sides. Bars will appear at 12 to block you from getting very far back down the hallway. Again, the BFG9000 works best here. When all the cacodemons are grounded, the switch will turn into a real exit.

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