Level 41

Doom 64 TC level 41: Stepwalk

Red key:

Here, you will find yourself immediately bombarded by a storm of fireballs! Get out of the middle of the room and head up any of the stairways. The place is full of imps in cages, but the cages have holes in them. Once at the top, it's fairly easy to work your way around until they fall. All the doors here are presently sealed, except for the one in the NW corner. Inside, there are some zombies and nightmare imps, and a teleport. The teleport takes you to an area in the SE of the level. Follow the hallway around until you get back to the central room again. The first secret area is here also. Search the alcove in the south, where the zombie soldiers appeared, to find a lowering floor and a soul-sphere.

The door to the south has now opened. Imps and bull demons will come after you. In the first area, you can find a chaingun. The red key and a switch are in an outdoor room at the far south. Activating the switch initiates another ambush of imps and nightmare imps. Pick up a suit of green armor on the way out if you need it. Head to the NE and through the red key door. Inside are a couple imps, soldiers, and a hell knight on an upper walkway. Eliminate this minor threat and step onto the teleport pad you find in the corner.

Blue key:

A group of nightmare imps around a central room will try to make things difficult for you. Watch out for them, then leave the room to find the blue key sitting on a shelf. Entering the main area will fill the cages with imps again. Head north and through the blue key door.

Yellow key:

Beyond the blue door is a larger room with a set of columns you need to cross. Firing at the zombies you can see will summon some lost souls. Clear them out, then run out across the tops of the columns to get to one side or the other. Unfortunately, you have to pick up the blue armor in order to proceed. This opens an alcove at the far north where a hell knight is guarding the yellow key. Picking up the yellow key will bring in more imps to trap you. Another secret area is a tiny alcove in the SE hallway. Walking across a line to pick up the blue armor lowers a lift here. Run to get there before it rises to grab the double-barreled shotgun.

Back in the main central area, (you guessed it,) the cages are full of imps again. To the west is the yellow key door, where there are more imps in cages, some soldiers, and a cacodemon. The wall switch here opens a room to the north. Inside is a pain elemental and some caged zombies. The wall switch in this room lowers a panel by the entrance to the room, with another switch. This switch opens a small room to the south with yet another switch. This fourth switch finally opens the exit room to the east.

Passing through the central area to get there, the cages are again full of imps! (Didn't I just write this a few lines ago?) The exit area is patrolled by bull demons. There are two hallways here, each ending in a switch. The switch to the north raises another switch that opens stairs down to the exit. The south switch opens a panel in the yellow key room. Shooting the switch revealed in the yellow key room opens the secret exit to map46 "Radiant". The normal exit is guarded by several cacodemons, and finally a hell knight.

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