Level 34

Doom 64 TC level 34: Crisis

This is the first new secret level which is reached from an exit in level 09, "Outpost Omega". The first of the three special keys is here also.

Blue Key:
As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted by zombies and imps. Go through the door marked 1 first. There are more zombies in this hallway and a hellknight guarding a chaingun.

A panel near the chaingun pedastle opens a corridor across the hall and summons more zombies. The switch at 2 opens up dual stairways patrolled by more zombies. The room (3) at the top of the stairs has imps and hellknights in it. The hellknights will teleport behind you as soon as you enter.

The blue key is in this room, and also the alien laser weapon. To get into the chamber and claim it, you must first activate the wall panel (5) nearby. Grabbing the blue key will summon arachnotrons at close range and also lost-souls from passages (4) below. One of these has a secret area containing a chainsaw.

Yellow key:
From the blue key room, proceed to room 6 which has combat armor in the middle. Past some stairs is room 7, where a hellknight and some zombies wait. Area 9 is full of nightmare -imps and specters. Collecting the berserk pack at the end opens a chamber with lost-souls inside. Room 8 is full of imps and an arachnotron. The first special key is in this room also. The best way to deal with the inhabitants is to head toward room 10 and pick them off from behind a window you will pass.

Room 10 appears empty until you get to the door to 11. The room will then open up and two barons of hell will appear. When they are dead, you can continue. This room (11) has several zombies in it. There is a switch that opens a teleport in the fenced off area of the room. Another teleport has appeared (20) between rooms 10 and 7. This teleport will take you to the blue door hallway, (21) which will be full of imps and zombies. (It is probably best to clear this hallway before going through the door at 1.)

Through the blue door is a crowded room (12) full of zombies and imps that will be firing from adjacent rooms. The single hallway out of this room leads back to room 11, and the teleporter that was inaccessible. This teleporter will take you to room 13. The switch here raises stairs in the room below. There is also a secret chamber with a plasma rifle in it. To open it, fire at the panel high up on the wall at 14 in the room below.

Now, make your way back to area 14, through the door in room 6. A hellknight will attack when you enter. On his platform is a switch that needs the blue key to activate. This summons a group of nightmare-imps to the area in the opposite corner. There is a new switch there also that will raise platforms in this room and summon another hellknight and some imps. One of these platforms holds the yellow key.

Red key:
The yellow door at 15 leads to the area behind the windows you could see from 12. The second yellow door opens a room where you can see the red key behind a pool of lava. The switch at 16 reveals another switch behind the red key, and also opens an area with bull-demons behind you. Shoot this second timed switch and a platform will raise allowing you access to the red key.

Stepping onto the pedastle where the red key was will open another wall switch at 17 that is visible through the window. Shooting this timed switch opens a chamber at 18 and releases a group of zombies. Repeat this process after the zombies are dead, then quickly run for the secret timed switch at the end of the room. This switch can only be activated once and is necessary to access the special key.

As you leave, be prepared when you reach the top of the lift back into the main start area. Several cacodemons and a pain-elemental will be waiting there to ambush. Behind the red door at 19 is a nightmare-demon. A hellknight guards the exit.

The Special key:
After clearing out the level, go back through the teleport at 20 to 21. Turn to the left before opening the door and open the hidden panel there. Activate the switch and move quickly out of the teleport and into another that appears to the left in the blue hallway. This will take you to a hidden area between 19 and 23. Activate the wall switch in front of the teleport here, then the other switch at 22. This will start the conveyor belt and eventually the first special key will appear at 23.

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