Absolution console:

Doom64 Absolution runs on a modified version of the Doomsday Engine. This means it has a built in console to access certain cheat features which are enabled in Doom64TC.

To use the console at any time during the game, press the tilde "~" key (by default). This will bring a box down into the game screen. Remember to pause the game first, as it does not pause automatically when the console is activated. Once this is done, simply type the command in (without quotation marks) and press enter. Press tilde again to close the console.

"give a" - full ammo

"give b" - berserk pack (also used to restore health to 100%)

"give g" - light amplification goggles

"give i" - invulnerability

"give k" - all colored keys or skulls

"give m" - computer area map

"give r" - full armor

"give s" - environmental shielding suit

"give v" - partial invisibility

"give w" - all weapons

"kill all" - kills all enemies in current level

"warp ##" - warp to level ##. Start on any level

"god" - turns god mode on and off. Unlimited invulnerability without the white glow, but your health and armor will be set to a maximum of 100% while in effect.

"setmap ## ##" - Sets any map number to any other map number. Can be used to access the Intro map or ANY secret level

Many of these power-ups are of limited duration, just as they would be if you had picked them up while playing the game normally. Things such as ammo and armor will also be used up normally. Items such as keys and the map will last until the end of the current level. Giving yourself all weapons will last for the duration of the game.

Be aware that these cheat codes may or may not work in all maps and skill levels!

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