Level 15
Altar of Pain:

Doom 64 TC level 15: Altar of Pain

The demons must have known you were coming. You start with an imp in front and a cacodemon almost right on top of you as soon as the level begins. Try to back up quickly and into the cave behind you. Searching the wall to the right reveals a secret area where there is a soul-sphere. This is also a good place to get your bearings and fight off the welcoming committee.

The outer ring of this castle-type level has several cacodemons floating around. There are imps high up on the walls that continually throw fire at you until you bring them all down, as well as a few bull-demons roaming about. On the walkways around the main building are more imps and a couple barons of hell. They are not much danger at this distance so long as you keep track of them. The only way further in is via a teleporter (1) near where you arrived. Another baron waits there on guard also.

Blue Key:
The teleport takes you to point 2 in front of the red key door. The blue key is in a cave just in front of you and to the left, but the way is blocked by bars. Follow the walkway around until you find a switch (3) on a short pedastle. This will open the bars so you can collect the blue skull key.

Red key:
Through the blue door you will find the yellow key door and a hell-knight. There is a switch behind the security armor to raise some stairs after the hell-knight is dispatched. The stairs lead up to another switch and a plasma rifle. The switch removes the bars on the lifts that lead up to the highest walkways where the barons of hell are probably still patrolling.

There are two switches (4) on opposite ends of the upper walkway. These open the passage to a walkway opposite the yellow keyed door.

Out on the walkway is another switch that allows access to more of the walkway. You will also encounter a couple of hell-knights and a mancubus.

The wall switch at 6 lowers a lift up to the room where the red key is. A few imps guard the key. The switch at 5 raises stairs in front of the red keyed door.

Yellow key:
Two barons defend the room behind the red keyed door. The alien laser is here also, if you didn't collect the one in "Crisis". Activating the switch in front of it starts a fireball trap. The best defense is just to keep running around the room until it stops, hoping you don't catch one in the face. Two more barons will arrive, and a nightmare-cacodemon. The yellow key will also appear on the upper walkway above 3.

Now you have two choices to exit the level. Through the yellow door is a switch at 7 that opens the regular exit. A hell-knight walks the hallway there. The secret exit is at 8. Jump to the arrow shaped pillar with the soul-sphere, and then jump straight at the cliff face which is really a false wall. A baron of hell guards this exit which takes you to level 31, "In the Void".

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