Level 05
Tech Center:

Doom 64 TC level 05: Tech Center

Arriving at the Tech Center, you find yourself in the central room of this level. Directly in front of you is a door to the room containing the yellow key on a high column and a couple of imps. To the right is the blue key door. to the left is a hallway with some combat armor in an alcove and a shotgun on the ground. A specter is around the corner. The room at the end has lost-souls inside, and a large variety of equipment on top of boxes. A lowering box against the south wall hides a switch that lowers the box in the northeast corner so you can get on top of it. From there you can run across the tops of the boxes and collect the goodies if you need them. To get to the combat armor, search the wall to the east from it to reveal a secret passage.

Yellow Key:
The door opposite the room where the yellow key is has a group of zombies and a passage that is blocked by bars. To the left of this door is another hallway leading to a "T" shaped room with some imps and a switch in it. The switch opens the door at the end of the hallway to the right of the red key door.

There are two hell-knights in this room and a zombie. A third hell-knight hides in the closet to the southeast. Through the northeast door is a large room with a few specters and another hell-knight. The door at the near end of this room, (northwest) has a couple of zombies. Shoot the barrels on the other end of the large room to kill the specter and lost-soul that are trapped there. Ride the lift to the upper level and gun down the imps. In the north chamber is a switch that will lower the yellow key column. A hell-knight will be there guarding the key now, and another will come as soon as you pick it up.

Red key:
Behind the yellow key door are a couple zombies, a switch, and the red key and a soul-sphere that are both behind bars. To get the soul-sphere, stand on the platform in the middle. Shoot the vent on the east wall, then the other vent a bit higher up on the south wall and the bars will retract for a few seconds. Activate the switch to remove the bars that were blocking the passage you saw before.

Leave the room and head back to the first door to the right, through the passage that is now open. An imp will greet you first as you proceed into this maze of interconnected rooms. Most contain a zombie or two, but a couple rooms are home to hell-knights, so be ready to back up and hammer them with both barrels. There are two wall switches to activate and a passage opens from the northmost room.

This is another hallway full of crushers, but a lot easier than the last one was. There are zombies on patrol also. At the end, you will find yourself on a ledge over the hallway to the "T" room. The switch on the wall lowers the bars in front of the red key, and also summons a group of cacodemons in your face. Running back down the crusher hall can be a good strategy. Sometimes you can tempt them to come after you and get themselves crushed.

Blue key:
Conveniently, behind the red key door is the room containing the blue key and a few lost-souls. Just like the other crushers, time it so you can run in and get the key and back out again. If you are slow, the crusher won't hurt you if you stand in the middle. Grabbing the key opens two chambers containing some more lost-souls.

The blue key door opens into a room with imps hiding around every corner. A switch in the southeast reveals a timed teleport in the northwest corner to run for. The teleport takes you to a safe room in another part of the level. Through the only door is another just across the hall and another to the right. Open the door and blast the hell-knight waiting in there, then activate the switch to open the other door. The other room is full of cacodemons. Another hell-knight will come if you pick up the rocket launcher. Activate the switch and go back to the teleport.

The bars that were blocking the final area of this level are now gone, but the hallway to the exit teleport is still guarded by some hell-knights.

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