Level 07
Nukage Facility:

Doom 64 TC level 07: Nukage Facility

This is the first of the new levels, with lots of cool surprises and a feel that makes it truly Doom 64.

Moving N from the start position, the door ahead has imps and cacodemons behind it. Open the door and step back, blasting them with the super-shotgun when they appear and sidestepping their fireballs.

There is a hellknight behind each door at locations 1 and 2, with a zombie at the end of each hallway. You may see some lost-souls in the central enclosed area, but they can't get at you. Once you have taken down one of the hellknights, the one on the other side will try to throw fireballs at you. If you stand there long enough, sidestepping his attacks, he will destroy the lost-souls for you.

The doorway E of position 1 has bull-demons waiting behind it. Open the door and step back, sawing them down as they come after you.
There are zombies, imps, and a cacodemon as you come around to room 3. Walk towards the bars and the pedastle in the NE corner will drop. Get on that to activate the switch and open the bars. The switch behind the bars raises a block at 4, allowing you to get down into the toxic slime.

Before doing this, back up and go to the switch again. If you are quick enough, you can run to a secret door that opens up next to the blue door. There is a computer map in there, and a switch that opens another secret chamber between the entrance door and the red door, which contains a soul-sphere. Both of these are on timers.

Blue Key:
You can attack the imps before you jump down into the slime. Firing through the bars where you see the yellow key will often kill the imps there also. Across the trench is a secret room that opens when you step up onto the edge, and another imp comes out. You can jump to this room by running from room three. Down in the slime is a radiation protection, and some specters waiting in the passage. Getting the blue key will teleport you back to point 6.

A bull-demon will be waiting to surprise you as you make your way back to the blue door, and there are more behind the blue door. Inside room 7 are zombies in cages to the N and S, (10 and 11). Around the corner to the SE is a hellknight waiting, and some more zombies behind him.

Room 8 has a berserk pack and a blur artifact on pedastles. These lower when you activate the door switches. Behind each of the doors marked 9, there are pain elementals. Open the door and riddle it with the chaingun until it explodes. One has a switch that opens the hallway to area 10, releasing more zombies.

Red key:
The switch at position 10 opens a chamber in area 11 across the room. There are lost-souls guarding the entrance from the other side.
When you grab the red key at 11, another chamber opens with more lost-souls.

Behind the red door are more bull-demons. You will see a rocket launcher in an alcove to the W. As soon as you step into this alcove, the hallway will open into a room full of bull-demons and aracnotrons. The best way I have found to survive this ambush is to give them a blast of the BFG and clean up with the chaingun or shotgun.

Yellow key:
The door N from 12 has a couple zombies waiting. Down the stairs are a few imps that are very difficult to see in the dark room. Blow up the barrels to the SE and activate the switch at the top of the stairway. This opens up room 13.

Room 13 has some lost-souls, a zombie, and a baron of hell waiting. The switch in the N alcove opens the bars to the E hallway. There are bull-demons, cacodemons, and imps that you can often get fighting each other before opening the bars.

Location 14 is a switch that stops the toxic falls and allows access to area 15 via another block. Ready your chaingun or Plasma rifle before opening the door. There are imps and zombies waiting in ambush. The switch at 15 opens access to the yellow key. The teleport takes you up to point 16.

Be ready for more pain elementals as you open the door back into room 12. The room behind the yellow door will be empty until you activate the wall switch to the S. Run back out of the room as barons of hell materialize. From outside the room, it is easy to take them out with rockets as they approach the doorway. Stepping onto the platform exits the level.

Many thanks to Kaiser for telling me how to find the secrets on this level.

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