Level 26
No Escape:

Doom 64 TC level 26: No Escape

This level has no keys to find at all. It is basically nothing more than a series of battles, culminating in a showdown with our old friend the cyberdemon.

At the start position, the switch in front of you activates four lifts at the compass points of the map. Jump down any one of these to enter the fray. It doesn't seem to matter which way you go, so long as you hit the ground running

Below is a large pack of nightmare-imps waiting for you. There are also four mancubus around the perimeter. Two of these are on platforms that continually move up and down. If you run around in circles dodging fireballs, you can often get quite a few of the imps wiped out by the mancubus'. If you run low on health, stepping on any one of the four lifts will take you back up to the safety of the start room, and the abundant health packs there.

Beware when the last mancubus falls, as another team will arrive as reinforcements. Much the same as the first group, the second wave will have a pack of imps and only two mancubus', but they will be loose on the main floor this time. As an added measure, a few lost-souls will also be tossed into the mix. Once this battle is over, you can relax and explore the area more.

The lift at 1 takes you up to a teleport which will put you behind the combat armor at 2. Picking it up will bring in a squad of zombies below you however.

The lift at 3 goes up to a switch that opens area 4, where there is a pain-elemental and a secret area with a plasma rifle and cells. There is also a soul-sphere here, but picking that up will call in a few mancubus' to the upper platform to hinder your exit.

To the north is a lava pool with a cavern and a teleport inside. There is a protection artifact nearby, but you can make it to the cave without taking any damage if you run. The teleport at 5 takes you to 6 on the map. Stepping back into the teleport at 6 will take you to the ledge outside (10).

Make your way up the stairs to the balcony at point 7. From there, jump across to the platform at 8 and activate the switch there. This opens the wall to another switch at 9, but don't activate this one yet. The security armor in the middle of the slime pool here is the trigger for a trap. Picking it up will open hidden chambers full of lost-souls and a few other items.

In the southeast corner of the map is a column room that contains another secret. One of the columns has switches around it. If you activate the side that doesn't have a switch on it, a column will lower to reveal a backpack.

The third and final secret is an alcove in the lava pool which holds a BFG9000. To open it, look carefully at the column to the left of the cyberdemon pen (11). About 3/4 of the way up is a face decoration that is out of alignment. Shoot this and the alcove will open.

When you are ready, go back and activate the switch at 9. This will let the cyberdemon out. If you want a challenge, then hop down and fight him in the main area. There is quite a bit of cover from his rapid-fire rockets. The easy way is just to stay there on the balcony at point 7. When he knows you are there he will not get far enough away to hit anything but the wall with his rockets. You can hit him with your own rockets as long as he isn't right next to the wall. Keep hitting him in the face every time he steps back and he will soon be converted to softer matter.

When he goes down, the exit switches will rise up around the central structure. Before you leave, be sure to check the cave he was in for a load of rockets and a mega-sphere.

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