Level 01
Staging Area:

Doom 64 TC level 01: Staging Area

From the start position, there is a berserk pack in the room behind you if you want it. Kill the two zombies in the cages, but be careful not to blow up the barrel there on this upper level. You will need to leave it alone for now if you want to take the secret exit from this level.

Collect the shotgun and ammo after jumping down. Shoot the first barrel in this room. Around the corner to the left are more zombies waiting in the hall. As you pass the first door on the left, a bull demon will come from a hidden chamber behind you. Around the next corner to the right are more zombies. Once the hall is clear, go back and open the door you just passed.

More zombies patrol this room. A chamber will open with more zombies as soon as you go up the stairs to the right and onto the conveyor belt. The walkway in front of them leads to a secret panel with security armor. Shoot the second barrel in this room. From the conveyor to the right is a platform with a switch. This opens a passage to the left off the end of the conveyor belt and lets you find the chainsaw.

Back in the first hallway, proceed to the lift at the end and ride it up. A bull-demon will come at you. Deal with the zombies to the left and right first, then switch to the saw and cut the demon to pieces. Around the corners and all through this maze area are more zombies. There is a secret chamber with combat armor and another barrel near the far northeast corner of the map. Leave it for now though. Depending on the skill level you are on, the blue key will either be in plain view on the floor in front of the switch in this area, or it will be in the hidden chamber directly behind you that is opened by the switch. Be sure to shoot the fourth barrel to the north of the lift.

Through the blue door are more zombies and barrel number five. Up the stairs and to the left are a couple more at the end of the hall. The switch on the wall near where they were standing opens a room to the south. Ready the chainsaw and back into the corner as soon as you activate the switch. Several bull-demons will come out of the room. Just keep the saw running and your back in the corner and you can cut them down one at a time without getting hurt much or using any ammo. Activate the switch in this room and destroy barrel six.

The final area now opens up. To the left around the U shaped hall is a hidden lift down to a chamber with some health potions and barrel seven. Through the door at the end are more bull-demons. The chainsaw really works well on these guys. The exit room contains the first imp of the game and the eighth barrel to blast.

Before you exit the level, go back to the room with the blue key door. Up in the raised pillar is a switch. Activate this switch and run to the secret lift that opens in the northeast corner. The lift leads up to a soul-sphere. Back into it because a zombie or bull-demon will appear from behind you when you grab it. The switch sends the lift back down. Jump off the lift and go back to collect the combat armor.

Now, if you were skilled enough and managed your resources well, you should be at 200% for health and armor, and at full ammo capacity for your weapons. You can take the regular exit to level 02, or the secret exit to level 32. To get to the secret exit, get back to the secret lift and ride it down this time. Shoot the ninth barrel there and step into the teleport. This will take you back to the start position where you left the tenth barrel. Shooting this last barrel opens the secret exit in the room where the berserk pack was.

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