Below is a copy of the README.TXT file that was included with PC shareware Doom
version 1.8.  This edition of README.TXT includes a large amount of information
that is missing from later editions of the file.

Note that URLs, mail addresses, and phone numbers mentioned in the README.TXT
file may no longer be valid.

Content of the README.TXT file is Copyright (C) 1995, Id Software.

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Welcome to v1.8 of DOOM!

To register the entire DOOM trilogy call 1-800-IDGAMES. 
If you live outside of the USA, or if you wish to purchase
DOOM with a check or money order please refer to the text
file, (ORDER.FRM) located in your DOOM directory. 

id Software respectfully requests that you do not modify the
levels for the shareware version of DOOM.  We feel that the
distribution of new levels that work with the shareware version
of DOOM will lessen a potential user's incentive to purchase the
registered version.

If you would like to work with modified levels of DOOM, we
encourage you to purchase the registered version of the game. 

Additional support

If you are looking for external PWADs for DOOM, DOOM2 or Heretic,
look no further than the DOOMania! BBS, owned and operated by
Paul Johnson.  The BBS number is (317) 662-8842, the voice number
is (317) 662-1449.

Auxiliary programs

There are a number of auxiliary programs that come with DOOM. These
are DM.EXE, the DeathManager you use as a front-end for network and
modem play; DWANGO.EXE, the client software for the NEW multiplayer
gaming environment of the future; IPXSETUP.EXE, the IPX Network Device 
Driver that enables you to play DOOM over an office network that uses 
the IPX protocol and SERSETUP.EXE, the Serial Device Driver that enables 
you to play DOOM over the modem or serial cable.

The documentation for the DM.EXE program is named DM.TXT, the documentation
for the DWANGO.EXE program is named DWANGO.TXT. The documentation for the
IPXSETUP.EXE and SERSETUP.EXE programs follow.

You're a marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in 
combat and trained for action. Three years ago you assaulted 
a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon 
civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl 
Harbor, while you were transferred to Mars, home of the 
Union Aerospace Corporation. 

The UAC is a multi-planetary conglomerate with radioactive 
waste facilities on Mars and its two moons, Phobos and 
Deimos. With no action for fifty million miles, your day 
consisted of suckin' dust and watchin' restricted flicks in 
the rec room. 

For the last four years the military, UAC's biggest 
supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and 
Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including 
research on inter-dimensional space travel. So far they have 
been able to open gateways between Phobos and Deimos, 
throwing a few gadgets into one and watching them come out 
the other. Recently however, the Gateways have grown 
dangerously unstable. Military "volunteers" entering them 
have either disappeared or been stricken with a strange form 
of insanity--babbling vulgarities, bludgeoning anything that 
breathes, and finally suffering an untimely death of full-
body explosion. Matching heads with torsos to send home to 
the folks became a full-time job. Latest military reports 
state that the research is suffering a small set-back, but 
everything is under control.

A few hours ago, Mars received a garbled message from 
Phobos. "We require immediate military support. Something 
fraggin' evil is coming out of the Gateways! Computer 
systems have gone berserk!" The rest was incoherent. Soon 
afterwards, Deimos simply vanished from the sky. Since then, 
attempts to establish contact with either moon have been 

You and your buddies, the only combat troop for fifty 
million miles were sent up pronto to Phobos. You were 
ordered to secure the perimeter of the base while the rest 
of the team went inside. For several hours, your radio 
picked up the sounds of combat: guns firing, men yelling 
orders, screams, bones cracking, then finally, silence. 
Seems your buddies are dead. 

It's Up To You 
Things aren't looking too good. You'll never navigate off 
the planet on your own. Plus, all the heavy weapons have 
been taken by the assault team leaving you with only a 
pistol. If only you could get your hands around a plasma 
rifle or even a shotgun you could take a few down on your 
way out. Whatever killed your buddies deserves a couple of 
pellets in the forehead. Securing your helmet, you exit the 
landing pod. Hopefully you can find more substantial 
firepower somewhere within the station. 

As you walk through the main entrance of the base, you hear 
animal-like growls echoing throughout the distant corridors. 
They know you're here. There's no turning back now. 

DOOM is too large to run from a floppy disk, so before 
playing you must first install DOOM to your hard disk drive. 
To install DOOM, follow these steps: 

1. Make a backup copy of your original disks. Before you start 
copying, make sure the write protect is enabled on each of the
DOOM disks.

2. Put disk #1 in your floppy disk drive and select the 
appropriate drive by typing A: or B:, then press the Enter 

3. Type INSTALL at the prompt and press the Enter key.

4.Follow the prompts to create a directory for DOOM and to 
install it on your hard drive. 

5. After installation, DOOM will automatically run a Setup 
program. Follow the prompts to customize DOOM to your 
specific system. Please refer to your hardware manual for 
information regarding your system.

6. To start DOOM, go to the directory in which you have 
installed DOOM (the default is DOOM), type DOOM, and press 
the Enter key. If you have finished installation and setup, 
you are automatically in this directory.

Welcome to DOOM, a lightning-fast virtual reality adventure 
where you're the toughest space trooper ever to suck vacuum. 
Your mission is to shoot your way through a monster-infested 
holocaust. Living to tell the tale if possible.

The gameplay for DOOM is quite simple. This is not a 
cumbersome adventure game, but an action-oriented slugathon. 
You don't need the reflexes of a hyperactive eight-year-old 
to win, either--using your wits is IMPORTANT. To escape DOOM, 
you need both brains and the killer instinct. 

When you run DOOM a self-running demo will begin. To get to 
the menu press the Spacebar. Use the arrow keys, mouse, or 
joystick to move the skull cursor up and down. When the 
skull is adjacent to a desired selection, press the Enter 
key, left mouse button, or joystick Fire button to activate 
that selection. 

If you're in a game, you can bring up the menu at any time 
by pressing the Escape key. Many of the Menu options can be 
activated directly by using a function key, thus bypassing 
the menus entirely. To exit the menu, press the Escape key 
or to return to the previous menu from a submenu press the 
Backspace key.

If you want to jump into the action, select this. First, 
DOOM will ask you which episode to play. Then, DOOM will ask 
you to set the difficulty level. Each difficulty level 
differs in the toughness of the enemies you'll face.

Games can be saved or loaded at any time during the 
gameplay. To save a game, move the skull cursor to an empty 
slot (or one you don't mind writing over), and press the 
Enter key. This option is only available if you are 
currently in a game. To load a game, simply select the 
appropriate game from the Load Game menu.

QUICKSAVE: Pressing the function key F6 allows you to Save a 
game without leaving the action. The first time QUICKSAVE is 
used in a given game, the standard Save menu appears. Select 
a slot. From then on, pressing F6 automatically saves the 
game to that slot without interrupting the fun of smackin' 
baddies around. Pressing F9 loads in the last QUICKSAVE game 
after prompting you.

This, the most important part of DOOM, tells you how to 
order other copies of DOOM, and contains help for playing 

Quit Game enables you to quit from DOOM and return to DOS.

This allows you to end the current game without exiting to 
DOS or loading a new game.

In DOOM, whenever you pick up an item, you'll receive 
information about the thing you just picked up. This option 
lets you toggle DOOM's messages on and off.

The default setting for the screen detail is HIGH. If you 
have a slower computer or video card, and the action is too 
jerky, you may wish to select LOW to make the game action 

SCREEN SIZE (+ and -) 
Just below this option is a bar with a sliding marker. When 
this option is selected, you can use the arrow keys to slide 
the marker back and forth to adjust the viewing area. A 
smaller viewing area increases the smoothness of the 
animation on slower systems.

This selection has two bars with sliding markers, allowing 
adjustment of the volume from "off" to "maximum." One bar 
modifies the music while the other bar modifies the sound 
effects volume.

This selection lets you adjust the sensitivity of your mouse 
control. Just below this option is a bar with a sliding 
marker. When this option is selected, you can use the arrow 
keys to slide the marker back and forth to adjust the 
sensitivity of the mouse. 

TIP: Save your game and save it often. When you die, you're 
back to the beginning of the level, toting that little 
pistol again. That ain't good, especially after you progress 
to some of the tougher levels.

DOOM provides on-screen information that's necessary to 

At the bottom of your screen is a gray bar (unless you've 
selected the largest possible screen size). From left to 
right, the segments of this bar indicate: 

1.MAIN AMMO: In big fat numbers, you see the number of shots 
you've got left in the weapon you're currently using. 

2.HEALTH: You start out at 100%, but you won't stay there 
long. At 0% it's time to start over. Try a little harder 
next time! 

3.ARMS: This list of numbers shows which weapons are 
available. If a number is highlighted, the weapon accessible 
by pressing that number is available. ("1" is always 

4.YOUR MUG: This portrait isn't just for looks. When you're 
hit, your face looks in the direction from which the damage 
came, telling you which direction to return fire. Also, as 
you take damage you'll begin to look like raw hamburger--as 
shown to the left. 

5.ARMOR: Your armor helps you out as long as it lasts. Keep 
an eye on it, because when it goes, you might, too. 

6.KEY CARDS: You can see any keys you possess right here. 
There are three key colors; Yellow, Red, and Blue. 

7.AMMO: This shows how much of each type of ammo you're 
carrying and the maximum amount you could carry--if you had 

Often you'll find yourself running over various bonus items 
and evil artifacts. DOOM tells you what you're picking up by 
printing a message on the game screen--unless you've turned 
the messages off.

To help you find your way around DOOM, you're equipped with 
an automap device. By pressing the Tab key, you replace your 
normal view with a top-down map of everything you've seen up 
to date. The white arrow represents you, and points in the 
direction you're looking.

You can zoom in and out by pressing "+" or "-". Press the 
number "0" to toggle between zoom and full view. To mark 
your location on the map press the "M" key. This will place 
a number over your location. To clear all the numbers from 
the map, press the "C" key.

Using the arrow keys, you can move yourself, while viewing 
the Automap. This is dangerous, since you can't see the 
enemy while viewing the Automap. To scroll the Automap 
without moving yourself, turn off Follow mode. Pressing the 
"F" key will toggle Follow mode on and off. 

Most of the play commands in DOOM are a simple keypress 
away. You can use either your keyboard, mouse, joystick, and 
combinations of both to move, pick up items, shoot, and open 

At first, you might find yourself bumping into walls while 
demons beat on you. Once you've got movement down, 
everything else follows. 

WALKING: Use the up and down arrow keys to walk forward and 

TURNING: The left and right arrow keys turn you left and 

RUNNING: Hold down the right Shift key and the appropriate 
arrow key to speed yourself up. 

STRAFE: By holding down the Alt key and the right or left 
arrow key, you can sidestep, rather than turn left or right.

JOYSTICK OR MOUSE:If you are using a joystick, use button 1 
to shoot and button 2 to open doors and activate switches. 
Gravis PC Gamepads have a third and fourth button. These can 
be used as a Strafe and a Run button, respectively. If you 
are using a mouse, use button 1 to shoot and button 2 to 
walk forward. Double-click button 2 to open doors and 
activate switches. With a three-button mouse, use the third 
button to strafe. 

To pick up an object, just walk over it. You're smart, and 
know if you need to take it. 

To open most doors and operate switches, stand directly in 
front of them and press the Spacebar. When you successfully 
operate a switch, it will change in some way (lights up, 
flips a handle, etc). If a switch does not change after a 
couple of tries, it is probably assigned to do a task that 
cannot yet be accomplished. 

LOCKED DOORS: Some doors have security locks, and require 
you to have a color coded (yellow, red, and blue) security 
card or skull key to open them. Other locked doors are 
operated by a switch on a nearby wall. Rather than walking 
up to the door, you'll need to operate the switch. 

HIDDEN DOORS: Some doors are hidden. Many of these can be 
opened by finding a switch. In some cases you just need to 
walk up to the wall and press the Spacebar. If you've found 
a secret door, it will open for you. There are clues that 
reveal a secret door--a wall that's shifted down or a 
different color, a flashing light on a wall, etc. 

ELEVATORS: You'll see platforms that raise and lower. Some 
platforms operate continuously, while others must be 
activated. Some of them sense your proximity and lower 
automatically. Others have a nearby switch. Those without a 
switch can usually be operated by walking up to the platform 
and pressing the Spacebar.

TELEPORTERS: Teleporters can be identified by an evil red 
symbol on the floor beneath them. To use a teleporter, walk 
over the symbol.

At the end of each area in DOOM there is an exit chamber, 
generally marked by a special door or an "EXIT" sign. Enter 
this chamber and press the switch inside to exit the area 
and head onward.  When you finish an area, an Achievement 
Screen tallies your performance. Hidden regions located, 
ratio of kills, percentage of treasure found, your 
completion time, and a par completion time are all 
displayed. To leave this screen, press the use key.

If you die, you restart the level at the beginning with a 
pistol and some bullets. You have no "lives" limit--you can 
keep restarting the level as often as you're killed. The 
entire level is restarted from scratch, too. Monsters you 
killed before are back again, just like you. 

WEAPONS: At first, you have only your pistol and your fists 
for protection. When you run over a new weapon, you'll 
automatically equip yourself with it. As the game 
progresses, you'll need to choose between firearms. The 
numeric keys select particular weapons (you cannot use the 
keypad keys for this selection). The weapons are: 

1 = Fist 

2 = Pistol 

3 = Shotguns deliver a heavy punch at close range and a 
generous pelting from a distance. 

4 = Chainguns direct heavy firepower into your opponent, 
making him do the chaingun cha-cha. 

5 = Rocket Launchers deliver an explosive rocket that can 
turn several baddies inside-out. 

6 = Plasma Rifles shoot multiple rounds of plasma energy--
frying some demon butt! 

7 = BFG 9000s are the prize of the military's arsenal. Great 
for clearing the room of those unwelcome guests. Shoot it 
and see for yourself.

FIRING: To use a weapon, point it towards the enemy and 
press the Ctrl key, or hold down the Ctrl key for rapid 
fire. If your shots hit a bad guy, you'll see splattering 
blood. Don't worry if the enemy is higher or lower than you. 
If you can see a monster, you can shoot it. 

AMMO: Different weapons use different types of ammo. When 
you run over ammo DOOM automatically loads the correct 

You have a maximum limit on the amount of ammo you can 
carry, too. These are listed on the right side of your 
status bar. Also, when you find a weapon that you already 
possess, don't scorn it! Picking it up also gives you ammo.

TIP: When you're comfortable playing the game, try using the 
keyboard and the mouse simultaneously. The mouse provides 
fine control for aiming your weapon (allowing you to 
smoothly rotate right and left) while the keyboard permits 
you to activate the many useful functions of the game.

Some parts of the DOOM environment can be more dangerous 
than the monsters you'll face. Areas containing exploding 
barrels, radioactive waste, or crushing ceilings should be 
approached with caution.

EXPLODING BARRELS: Scattered around the base are drums 
containing fuel, toxic waste, or some other volatile 
substance. If your shots hit one of these barrels, it's 
kablooey time! It might take several bullets to set off a 
barrel, but a single blast of any of the other weapons 
usually does the trick. 

contain pools of dangerous liquids that will damage you if 
you walk through them. There are several varieties of waste, 
each doing an increasing amount of damage. If it looks 
fluid, beware!

CRUSHING CEILINGS: Some of the ceilings in DOOM can smash 
you, making you cry blood. Often you'll be able to see the 
ceiling moving before you go under it, but not always. Be 
careful and Save often!

TIP: Barrels can often be the most devastating weapon in 
your arsenal--delivering a body-blasting explosion to all 
nearby purgatory pedestrians. Wait until several evil guys 
get next to a barrel and blast away at the can, then watch 
'em all go boom!

Even for a tough hombre like you, DOOM can be a deadly 
place. Whenever you are injured, the screen will flash red, 
and your health will decrease. Keep an eye on your health or 
you'll end up face down.

HEALING: When you're hurt, you'll want to get healed back up 
as soon as possible. Fortunately, Medikits and Stimpacks are 
frequently scattered around the base. Grab them if possible. 

Stimpacks give you a quick injection of booster enzymes that 
make you feel like a new man--at least, to a degree. 

Medikits are even better, and include bandages, antitoxins, 
and other medical supplies to make you feel a lot healthier. 

ARMOR: Two types of body armor can be found laying around. 
Both reduce damage done to you. Unfortunately, both 
deteriorate with use, and eventually are destroyed by enemy 
attacks, leaving you in need of replacement armor. 

Security armor (green) is a light weight kevlar vest that's 
perfect for riot control.

Combat armor (blue) is a heavy duty jacket composed of a 
titanium derivative--useful for protection against real 
firepower, like the kind you're gonna face.  If you're 
wearing armor, you only pick up a replacement suit if it 
provides more protection than what you're now wearing. 

Other bits of "challenging electronics" may be found in 
DOOM. Most of these are pretty doggone handy, so grab them 
when able. These special items have a duration of either the 
entire level, a specific amount of time, or just provide an 
instant benefit. A few of them affect your game screen so 
you can tell when they are active. For example, when you 
pick up a radiation suit, the game screen turns green. As 
the suit deteriorates the screen will flash. This is a hint 
to get out of the radioactive ooze now!

Radiation Suits provide protection against radioactivity, 
heat, and other low-intensity forms of energy. Basically, 
these suits enable you to wade through the radioactive ooze 
without taking damage. While a suit holds out, your screen 
will have a greenish tint. Duration: Time Based

Berserk Packs heal you, plus act as a super-adrenaline rush, 
enormously boosting your muscle power. Since you're already 
a pretty meaty guy, this enhanced strength lets you tear 
ordinary dolts limb from limb, and you can even splatter 
those demons without too much trouble. However, you've got 
to use your Fist attack to get the benefit of the Berserk 
attack bonus. When you become Berserk, your screen will 
briefly turn red. Duration: One Level

Backpacks increase the amount of ammo you can carry. In 
addition, whenever you find a backpack, you receive extra 

Computer Maps are a handy find, updating your Automap with a 
complete map to the entire area, including all secret or 
hidden areas. Areas you haven't been to are mapped in grey. 
Duration: One Level

Light Amplification Visors allow you to see clearly even in 
pitch dark. Duration: Time Based

A few artifacts from the other dimension are now laying 
around and you may want them, too. 

Health Potions provide a small boost to your health even 
past your normal 100%! 

Spiritual Armor provides a little extra protection above and 
beyond your normal armor.

Soul Spheres are rarely encountered objects that provide a 
large boost to your health. A close encounter with one of 
these and you'll feel healthier than ever!

Blur Artifacts are strange orbs that make it difficult for 
others to spot you. The enemy can still see you, but most of 
their attacks will be less than accurate. 
Duration: Time Based

Invulnerability Artifacts are products of the Anomaly that 
render you immune to all damage. Pretty cool, until the 
effect wears off. When you're invulnerable your screen will 
be white--your punishment for being tough. 
Duration: Time Based

TIP: Create dissension among demons by maneuvering them into 
a crossfire. If a bad guy is hit by another demon, he'll 
turn his rage towards the poor jerk with the pitiful aim. If 
this happens, let 'em at each other--it's always best to let 
the bad guys do the work for you. (This isn't effective with 
projectiles fired between demons of the same form.)

From the very first moment you enter the door, till the last 
gunshot of the game, you'll be fighting a host of baddies. 
Some are just regular guys with a bad attitude, others are 
straight from Hell. Some of the monsters you'll face aren't 
shown here. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Former Humans (dudes in filth-covered combat suits): Just a 
few days ago, you were probably swapping war stories with 
one of these guys. Now it's time to swap some lead upside 
their head.

Former Human Sergeants (dudes in black armor, also filthy): 
Same as above, but much meaner, and tougher. These walking 
shotguns provide you with a few extra holes if you're not 

Imps (brown thorny hominids): You thought an imp was a cute 
little dude in a red suit with a pitchfork. Where did these 
brown bastards come from? They heave balls o' fire down your 
throat and take several bullets to die. It's time to find a 
weapon better than that pistol if you're going to face more 
than one of these S.O.B.s.

Demons (pink horrors, vaguely humanoid): Sorta like a shaved 
gorilla, except with horns, a big head, lots of teeth, and 
harder to kill. Don't get too close or they'll rip your 
fraggin' head off.

Spectres (vague, half-formed shapes): Great. Just what you 
needed. An invisible (nearly) monster.

Lost Souls (flying skulls): Dumb. Tough. Flies. On fire. 
'Nuff said.

Cacodemons (gigantic floating one-eyed heads): They float in 
the air, belch ball-lightning, and boast one Hell of a big 
mouth. You're toast if you get too close to these 

Barons of Hell (you'll know 'em when you see 'em): Tough as 
a dump truck and nearly as big, these goliaths are the worst 
thing on two legs since Tyrannosaurus rex.


SOFTWARE ENGINEERS: John Carmack,John Romero, Dave Taylor

ARTISTS: Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud

DESIGNER: Sandy Petersen



Composer: Robert Prince                 

Model Development: Gregor Punchatz                      

Sound Driver: Paul Radek

Cover Illustration: Don Punchatz

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Welcome to DOOM. Before playing, you'll need to read the 
DOOM manual and this addendum which contains information for 
playing in Multiplayer mode, as well as technical support 
and troubleshooting instructions. To avoid compatibility 
errors, please make sure that your machine and network conform 
to the system requirements listed below.

DOOM(TM) requires an IBM compatible 386 or better with 4 megs of 
RAM, a VGA graphics card, and a hard disk drive. A 486 or 
better, a Sound Blaster Pro(TM) or 100% compatible sound card 
is recommended. A network that uses the IPX protocol is 
required for network gameplay. 

1. Install DOOM as described in the manual. 

2. Launch DOOM from the SETUP program, by going to the 
directory in which you installed DOOM, type SETUP, and press 
the ENTER key. (If you are installing DOOM for the first 
time the SETUP program will be automatically launched.) 
Unlike playing DOOM in single player mode, DOOM in 
multiplayer mode must be run either from the SETUP program 
or by using the command line parameters mentioned later in 
this addendum. 

3. The SETUP program not only allows you to configure DOOM 
to your system but lets you tell DOOM information that is 
necessary for the multiplayer game, (i.e. number of players, 
skill level, mode, etc.) The SETUP program is simple to 
use--providing context sensitive help at the bottom of the 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A maximum of four people can play 
multiplayer DOOM on a network. 

COMPATIBLE NETWORKS: To play multiplayer, you must have a 
network that uses the IPX protocol. Check your network 
manuals for information regarding your protocol. Novell 
networks use the IPX protocol. 

MULTIPLE GAMES ON THE NET: To play a multiplayer game while 
another group is also playing the multiplayer game, you'll 
need to change your network port address from the SETUP 
application. The port address tells your server where to 
send information that is sent over the network. Network 
addresses range from 1-64000. You should refer to the person 
in charge of your network for possible port addresses.

Many of the rules for playing DOOM change for the 
multiplayer game. Read the following information carefully 
before you begin to play DOOM in multiplayer mode.

MENUS: When you activate the Options menu or submenus, the 
game KEEPS RUNNING so that other players can continue with 
the action. So it is best to find a safe place before 
adjusting screen sizes or sounds.

UNPAUSE: A player may Pause the game by pressing the PAUSE 
key, but any other player can Unpause the game by pressing 
the PAUSE key again. Make sure it's OK with your buddies 
before taking a breather.

SAVE: When you do a savegame during a network game, it saves 
on every player's system in the savegame slot you select, 
writing over whatever was there. Before saving the game, 
players should agree on a safe slot to save in.

LOAD: You cannot load a saved game while playing a 
multiplayer game. To load a game everyone must quit from the 
current game and restart the game from the saved game. To 
start a game from a saved game, you can either select it 
from the SETUP program or identify it as a command line 

WEAPONS: When a player runs over a weapon, he picks it up, 
but the weapon remains in the game for other players to 
take. Note: Shotguns dropped by former human sergeants are 
removed from the game after being picked up or smashed.

DEATH: If you die and restart in the level, previously taken 
items and destroyed monsters DON'T reappear. Even though 
you've died, other players have survived. We didn't want to 
undo all of their fine destruction by reviving every monster 
in the area. However, this also means the level will 
eventually run dry of monsters and ammunition. You'll have 
to decide when the level is played out.

UNIFORM COLORS: In net games, each player's uniform is a 
different color. The color of your character is the color 
behind your face on the status bar. The colors are BROWN, 
INDIGO (black), GREEN, and RED. 

CHAT MODE: In a multiplayer game you can communicate with 
other players in the Chat mode. To enter into Chant mode and 
broadcast a message to all the players, press the letter t. 
A cursor will appear where your messaging is normally 
placed. To broadcast to a specific player, instead of 
pressing t you'll need to press the first letter of the 
player's color. (B)rown, (I)ndigo, (G)reen, and (R)ed. For 
example, to send a message to the brown character, you would 
press the letter b.

CHAT MACROS: In a multiplayer game, you can send your own
pre-defined macros (defined in the SETUP program) by initiating
Chat mode (as stated above), then holding ALT and pressing the
number key that corresponds to the macro you wish to send. For
example, if macro #2 is "Eat it and die!", initiate Chat mode
by pressing 'T', then hold down ALT and press 2.

EXITING A LEVEL: When one player exits a level, all players 
instantly exit with him, regardless of their position or 
their status.

There are two ways to play multiplayer--DeathMatch and 
Cooperative. In Cooperative mode the players work together. 
In DeathMatch mode your mission is to kill everything that 
moves, including your buddies. You can choose which mode you 
wish to play from the SETUP application. The differences 
between Cooperative and DeathMatch mode are as follows:

WHERE YOU START: In Cooperative mode each player begins in 
the same area. In DeathMatch mode the players begin in 
completely different areas--if you want to see your buddy 
you'll need to hunt him down. Plus, each time you die, 
you'll restart in one of several random locations.

KEYS: Unlike in single-player or Cooperative mode gameplay, 
in DeathMatch mode the players start each location with the 
keys necessary for opening any locked door in that area.

STATUS BAR: In DeathMatch mode the ARMS section on the 
status bar is replaced with "FRAG." The FRAG section 
displays the number of times you've killed your opponents.

AUTOMAP: In Cooperative mode the Automap works the same way 
it does in single-player mode. Each player is represented by 
a different color arrow. In DeathMatch mode you won't 
receive the pleasure of seeing your opponents on the map. 
Just like the monsters, your friends could be just around 
the corner, and you won't know until you face them.

SPY MODE: If you're playing in Cooperative mode, press F12 
to toggle through the other players' viewpoint(s). Press any 
other key to return to your view. You still retain your own 
status bar at the bottom, and if your view reddens from pain 
it is YOU, not your partner, who has been hit.

INTERMISSION SCREENS: In both Cooperative and DeathMatch 
mode the intermission screen tallies your achievement. In 
Cooperative mode the intermission screen lists the 
achievements for all players in the game. In DeathMatch mode 
the intermission provides a death count on everyone, letting 
you know who killed whom.

The rules for completing or winning a DeathMatch game have 
intentionally been left general. Any player can exit an area 
and force all of the players to move to the next area. Also, 
there is no limit on how many kills are required to declare 
a player the winner. We decided to leave this up to you. You 
know what you like best! 

Note: Before you play DOOM in DeathMatch mode you should be 
familiar with the layout of every area in DOOM. As you know, 
in DeathMatch mode your startup location is random and often 
in an area that is very hostile. 

You can record your tournaments for posterity!  To record multi-
player demos, add the line "-record demoz" to the command-line.
Make sure the other player is recording also, or it won't work.
If you need more time, add the "-maxdemo " option to increase
demo buffer space.  Make sure both of you specify the same amount.
DOOM defaults to 128K of demo buffer space, to specify 1meg you
would type "-maxdemo 1024" on the command-line.


When you wish to stop recording, press the Q or F10 keys and both
players will exit to DOS.  To play the demo back, merely type,
"DOOM -playdemo demoz" and the demo will play back.  To see the
other player, press the F12 key.  Press F12 to toggle between all
players in the demo.  The TAB key will display the automap.

You can set the name of the demo file to anything you want. "demoz"
was just an example name.

Much of the information you give to DOOM through the SETUP 
program can be provided by passing program parameters to 
the appropriate device driver on the command line. 

When you want to run a network game, you use IPXSETUP.EXE which
is the device driver for DOOM's network mode. The parameters 
are as follows:

-NODES starts DOOM as a network game and sets the number of 
players who are going to play. If you don't specify the number
of nodes, the default is 2.
-nodes <# of players>

-PORT sets the port from which to play DOOM multiplayer on 
the network. By setting a different port, more than one 
group of players can play DOOM on a single network. 
-port <# of the port>

When you want to play a modem or null-modem game, you need to
run SERSETUP.EXE which is the device driver for DOOM's serial
communications mode.  The parameters are as follows:

-DIAL tells the program which number to dial, if you're going
to do the calling.

-ANSWER puts your modem into Answer mode so someone can call
you and play DOOM.

-COM1, -COM2, -COM3, -COM4 specifies which COM port your modem
or serial cable is connected to. Very important!

-8250 tells SERSETUP to set the UART to 8250.  Just in case your
16550 UART is acting up at the higher speed.

-IRQ sets the IRQ for the COM port.

-PORT sets the COM I/O port that SERSETUP uses to communicate
with your modem.  To use hexadecimal, such as the number 0x3f8, you
would type "-port 0x3f8".

-<#> sets the baud rate of your COM port, overriding the value in
the MODEM.CFG if you're running a modem game.  Legal values are
9600, 14400, 38400, 57600.
Example: -14400

Note that to run a null-modem game, you must have a null-modem
cable plugged into a serial port on both computers and each
computer runs SERSETUP.EXE with a -COM# parameter as well as
any General Parameters.  Do not use the -ANSWER or -DIAL
parameters, or SERSETUP will think you're using a modem. To get
a null-modem cable, go to CompUSA or Radio Shack and say,"I need
a null-modem cable to run a DOOM multiplayer game."

You will need to run the SETUP program and select Choose Modem
from the Network/Modem/Serial menu so you can set your modem
init string correctly.  Merely select the modem and press Enter
and SETUP will create a new MODEM.CFG file that corresponds to
your modem (the MODEM.CFG file is used by SERSETUP for initing
the modem.)

If your modem is not in the list, you will most likely need to
edit the MODEM.CFG file in the DOOM directory.  The first line
of the file is an initialization string that:
    * Turns off error-correction
    * Turns off data-compression
The MODEM.CFG file has a Hayes-standard init string like this:
AT Z S=46 &Q0 &D0
You just add your own commands after the "AT Z " if your modem
doesn't work with these settings -- dig up your modem manual for
the correct settings.

The second line is a hangup string used when you quit DOOM.

The third line is the baud rate at which you want your COM port set.
The legal settings are: 9600, 14400, 38400, 57600.

If the modem connection isn't working when you call your friend,
have him call you instead.  Try setting the modem to GENERIC (in the
SETUP.EXE program) if your modems don't connect.

If you STILL can't get the modems to connect, both of you should
run your favorite COMM programs and connect with 9600, no error
correction and no data compression.  Then quit the COMM program
and keep the connection going.  Then just run SERSETUP with a -COM#
parameter (as if you were running a null-modem game) since you're
already connected.

If you had trouble connecting, but figured out some settings that
work, please fax them to us at (214) 686-9288 so we can expand our
modem init string database and perhaps have the SETUP program ask
you for your modem type in a future version of DOOM.

These parameters can be passed straight to DOOM, or passed
to IPXSETUP or SERSETUP, which then pass them to DOOM.

-LOADGAME allows you to start DOOM from a specified save 
game. Instead of using the saved game name, simply enter the 
number that corresponds to the slot you saved the game to on 
the SAVE GAME screen (0-5).
-loadgame <# of the game>

-DEATHMATCH starts DOOM as a DeathMatch game. If you don't 
enter DEATHMATCH as a command line parameter, DOOM will 
default to the Cooperative mode. 

-ALTDEATH specifies respawning items during DEATHMATCH. 
NOTE: Invulnerability and Invisibility do not respawn.
-deathmatch -altdeath

-SKILL sets the skill level (1-5) you wish to play.   Only useful 
with -warp -- see below.
-skill <# of skill level>

-EPISODE sets the episode (1-3) you wish to play. The default 
episode is Episode One, Knee-Deep in the Dead.
-episode <# of the episode>

-CONFIG allows you to use your configuration file from any 
directory you choose. This is primarily for diskless workstations 
that don't have a C: drive to save config information to. You 
need to rename the default.cfg file created by the SETUP program 
to a directory and name of your choosing to avoid conflicts.
-config   ex. -config f:\doom\data\myconfig.cfg

-NOMONSTERS allows you to start playing with NO MONSTERS running
around!  This is great for DeathMatch where, really, the monsters
just get in the way.  Only useful with -warp -- see below.

-RECORD tells DOOM to record the game you are starting.
Demo files will be saved as .lmp.

-MAXDEMO xxx If you want to record a demo bigger than 128k, use
this option. xxx will be the size (in kilobytes) of the demo.
example -MAXDEMO 1024 will record a 1 megabyte demo.
-record  -maxdemo xxx

-RESPAWN tells DOOM that, yes, you are a badass, and yes, you
want all the monsters to respawn around 8 seconds after you kill
them.  The NIGHTMARE skill level already does this. Note that 
using -respawn and -nomonsters at the same time is a dumb thing 
to do.  Only useful with -warp -- see below.

-TURBO xxx gives you a speed boost. This is great in DeathMatch!
The value xxx can be from 0 to 250. The other player(s) will be
notified of your speed increase!  THIS IS CONSIDERED CHEATING
-turbo xxx

@ will allow you to specify a Response file that DOOM
will read additional command-line parameters from.  For example,
typing 'DOOM @MYPARMS' will tell DOOM to look in the MYPARMS file
for additional command-line parameters.  The file format is simply
one parameter per line with a carriage return to terminate the line.
Each parameter is typed exactly as you would type it on the DOS

-FAST will make the monsters move and shoot up to 3 times faster,
just as if you were playing in Nightmare mode, but without the
respawning.  Only useful with -warp -- see below.

-TIMER <# of minutes> will make DOOM exit the current level after
a specified amount of minutes, going to the intermission screen.
This option is only useful in DeathMatch mode.
-timer xxx

An example line for entering the above information would be: 
doom -loadgame 3 -deathmatch -skill 4 -timer 10

IMPORTANT:  Only the following command-line parameters are available
while using the -WARP parameter:
-fast, -nomonsters, -skill, -respawn.

You must use a text editor (such as EDIT that comes with DOS)
to edit the MODEM.NUM file.  The format is simple.  The first line
is the Person's name (which will appear in the list), the second
line is the phone number.  The third line should be blank.

If you require technical assistance to run DOOM, call id 
Software's technical support line at (303) 339-7111 or 
If possible, please be near your computer when calling id 
Software's technical support. Please have information 
regarding your system setup and configuration available. 

Before changing your system or software setup we recommend 
that you review your system manuals to ensure that your 
modifications will not endanger any existing information or 
hardware on you system or network. Modifying your system or 
your software setup can be dangerous, and we cannot help you 
with any resulting problems.

When DOOM runs, I get an "Insufficient Memory" error or DOOM 
just doesn't run.

You don't have enough free RAM to run DOOM.  This usually
happens with 4Mb RAM machines -- you need about 3Mb of free
RAM to run DOOM. If you have DOS 6 or later, boot your system 
and hold the left-shift key as the "Starting MS-DOS..." 
message appears. This will bare-boot your system and you must 
change to the DOOM directory and run DOOM. Your best bet is 
to make a CONFIG.SYS menu for a custom DOOM boot -- see 
page 97 in your MS-DOS 6 User's Manual. 
If you have DOS 5.0 or earlier, you must create a bare boot disk.        

Note: Do not use memory managers like EMM386, QEMM, etc.
Do not use disk caching programs like SMARTDRV, etc.

I get a "WRITE ERROR" while DOOM is decompressing.

You are using a disk compression program such as STACKER or 
DOUBLESPACE. These utilities try to make an "educated"  
guess as to how much disk space you have left.  Obviously, 
they're wrong.  Delete some big games that are chewing up 
hard drive space, like any Wolf-alikes. :)

The Windows SETUP program runs after installation.

DOOM did not install to your hard drive, probably due to 
insufficient disk space.  See above answer for a solution.

My GUS doesn't work.

The default IRQ for a GUS is 11. DOOM doesn't handle IRQ's 
above 7.  Change this with your GUS setup program.

I can't get digital sound from my Sound Blaster compatible 
sound card.

You are experiencing a DMA conflict. You may have a CD-ROM 
or hard drive on the same DMA channel that you specified in 
DOOM's SETUP program. Change the DMA channel of the sound 
card or offending device.

DOOM locks up before I see the title screen or at the title

You need to turn "Hidden Refresh" off in your CMOS Advanced 
Chipset settings. If you're using RAMBIOS.SYS, you must 
remove it from your CONFIG.SYS. Make sure you also turn off 
any Hardware Video Shadowing (also found in CMOS settings.)

DOOM runs really slow, locks or "pauses" on a fast system.

Some systems have a option in the CMOS setup for switching
the speed of the PC from the keyboard. This is the 
"Turbo Switch" or "Turbo Switching" option. Disable this 
setting and your problem should be fixed.

I hear static when listening to DOOM with my Sound Blaster 
(or compatible) card.

Run SBP-MIX (in your SBPRO directory) and turn down Line and 
Mic volumes to 0.

I still hear static, or my sound effects are breaking up.

Disconnect any parallel port devices. (Sound cards,
to work with DOOM, must use IRQ5 or IRQ7, which are
used by LPT2 and LPT1 -- where printers are connected.)

I can't get sound on my ATI Stereo FX card.

Contact ATI for a BIOS upgrade.

DOOM is too dark to see anything.

On some monitors, DOOM may be too dark to play. Press F-11 
to improve the view.

Why can't I get music or sound effects?

If you're not hearing sound effects and/or music, DOOM may 
have incorrect information regarding your sound card. Run 
the SETUP program to check if DOOM has the correct 
information on your sound card. 

Note: DOOM only supports IRQ numbers which or 7 or below. 
Be sure you set your sound card to an IRQ number which
is 7 or below. Refer to your sound card manual for details
on setting your IRQ number. 

Note: This is particularly important for Gravis Ultra Sound 
users because the standard default for the GUS card is 11.

How can I run DOOM under OS/2?

The ideal DOOM-OS/2 system is a 486 with at least 8MB of 
RAM. In order to get DOOM up and running, first copy a 
program object to the desktop from the templates folder. For 
details on this procedure, please refer to your OS/2 Manual. 
Once you have the program path and optional command line 
arguments set up for the program object, you will need to 
edit the DOS session settings. 

The ideal DOOM-OS/2 system is a 486 with at least 8MB of RAM.

In order to get DOOM up and running, first copy a program object
to the desktop from the templates folder. For details on this
procedure, please refer to your OS/2 Manual.

Once you have the program path and optional command line arguments
set up for the program object, you will need to edit the DOS session
settings. DOOM will NOT run in a DOS window.

The DOS settings are as follows:

Setting:                        Value:
COM_DIRECT_ACCESS               ON
COM_HOLD                        OFF
COM_SELECT                      ALL
DOS_BREAK                       OFF
DOS_DEVICE                      *DRIVE:\OS2\MDOS\LPTDD.SYS 
DOS_FCBS                        16
DOS_FCBS_KEEP                   8 
DOS_FILES                       20 
DOS_HIGH                        OFF
DOS_LASTDRIVE                   Z 
DOS_RMSIZE                      640 
DOS_SHELL                       *DRIVE:\OS2\MDOS\COMMAND.COM 
DOS_STARTUP_DRIVE               *** 
DOS_UMB                         OFF 
DOS_VERSION                     *** 
DPMI_DOS_API                    DISABLED
DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT               4 
EMS_LOW_OS_MAP_REGION           0 
EMS_MEMORY_LIMIT                0 
HW_NOSOUND                      OFF 
HW_ROM_TO_RAM                   OFF 
HW_TIMER                        ON
IDLE_SECONDS                    0 
IDLE_SENSITIVITY                100 
INT_DURING_IO                   ON 
KBD_BUFFER_EXTEND               ON 
KBD_CTRL_BYPASS                 NONE 
KBD_RATE_LOCK                   OFF
MEM_EXCLUDE_REGIONS             *** 
MEM_INCLUDE_REGIONS             *** 
PRINT_TIMEOUT                   15 
VIDEO_8514A_XGA_IOTRAP          OFF 
VIDEO_FASTPASTE                 OFF 
**VIPX_ENABLED                  ON 
XMS_HANDLES                     0 
XMS_MEMORY_LIMIT                0 
XMS_MINIMUM_HMA                 0

*DRIVE = The drive your OS/2 system files are located on.  
**Only required for Network play 
*** Leave as default

During startup, the DOOM startup stops at "looking for player..."

This occurs when you enter a number of players greater than 
the amount of players actually entering the game. For 
example, if you only have three players playing, but you 
tell DOOM to expect four players, it will wait until the 
fourth player starts the game. Press ESC to exit and restart 
the game with the correct number of players. 

I'm receiving the error, "IPX NETWORK NOT DETECTED."

Currently, DOOM only supports a network that uses the IPX 
protocol. If you receive this message, check your network 
manual to ensure your network uses the IPX protocol. 

I've received the message, "CONSISTENCY FAILURE" while 
running DOOM.

For DOOM to run properly as a multiplayer game, all of the 
machines that are running DOOM must maintain a nearly 
identical status of the game during network play. If you 
receive this message, something has occurred which caused 
the multiplayer game on one computer to be different from 
the multiplayer games running on the other systems. If this 
occurs, all of the players must quit from DOOM and restart 
the game.

Why can't I get DOOM to run as a multiplayer game?

If someone else is running DOOM in multiplayer you may 
receive a network port conflict. From the SETUP program, 
change DOOM to run under a different port. Consult with the 
person in charge of your network to receive a valid port 

Why isn't the animation smooth?

If the animation isn't running smoothly on your system you 
should try reducing the window size and/or play DOOM in LOW 
DETAIL mode. Refer to your DOOM manual for instructions on 
these options.

Why doesn't my mouse work with DOOM?

If you renamed or commented-out information in your 
AUTOEXEC.BAT you may have removed the command which loads 
your mouse driver. Loading your mouse driver into DOS can be 
as simple as typing MOUSE and pressing ENTER at the command 

Why can't I find a plasma rifle, BFG 9000, Berserk power-up, 
or invulnerability power-up?

Unless you are playing Episode 2 or 3 you will not be able
to find any of the above items. 

MESSAGING: Pressing RETURN will show you the last message 
displayed on your heads-up display. 

OPENING DOORS: As you know, on a three-button mouse you may 
double click the middle button to open doors. However, you 
can also double-click the right mouse button (strafe button) 
to open doors.

GAMMA CORRECTION: On some monitors, DOOM may appear too dark.
Press the function key, F-11 to improve the view.

DOOM, the DOOM logo and DOOM likenesses are trademarks of id 
Software, inc.,(C)1993. IBM is a registered trademark of 
International Business Machines, inc. Sound Blaster is a 
registered trademark of Creative Labs, inc. All other 
trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

Special thanks to ZOOM in their help for 28.8 modem support.


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